Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Not much this week. all quite. I have to take some time today and go through the x-mas gift corner of the room and sort through to see who I have forgotten!! I need to make two embroidery hoop pictures for extra gifts so I will cut material and iron on pics today /

I have a few movies recorded  on dvr so will sit and watch them this afternoon and work on them at the same time. Movies always makes it go faster!  I have to move my couch around first thing today I moved my sewing chair and tables a while ago but don't like the angle I find I get a crink in my neck  so am moving it all back!

I have been cleaning out clutter in the house all week. gave away a few boxed of books to make room on the book shelves for newer arthurs but I backed up all my books over time on e-book formate so I still have the older ones.  then got rid of all old vhs and cassettes that are no good anymore. boy did I get alot of spare shelving!! I have it all filled up now with craft boxes so I can find things alot easier.Well hope you all have a great week. speak to you again next time.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It's cold here now in Texas time to sit and hand sew for a while under my lap quilts and watch movies!!
I wish!!

We finally got all the insurance work done for my sons truck and he finally got his checks so I can have a bit of breathing room now and get on with my x-mas stuff.

Today I'm working on a lap quilt for a neighbour for x-mas. I had a bunch of  extra blocks sitting around and decided there was enough to make a nice middle of a quilt so thats what I have started on this morning. I will make solid borders to go around then I'll justr have to get a back material. I tried to get into my stash but all the boxes with presents to be wrapped are pilled in the way so I'll go in there later after kyle is gone to work. I'm sure I'll make too much noise for him as he is sleeping in the next room!  he is wearing ear plugs now as the machine woke him up I guess he thought I'd stop but I handed him a packet of ear plugs from his fathers drawer!! they come in handy!!

My husband bought us a wii machine for our early x-mas he got me the wii fit program and set it up at the weekend. the rotton thing tells him if I have exercised for that day !  needless to say I got caught  on monday so had to work on it yesterday@!  I will use it here in a little bit after I get the center of the quilt done it will help loosen my muscles ( I'll be like jello for a while good reason to sit still at the machine!!)  I did finish my afghan last week but I keep looking at it and think I'll have to add more rows it doesnt look wide enough for my liking I will have to lock  up the pets this time though if I work on it again they wouldn't leave me alone last time and it drove me crazy.  our poor tree is having a hard time surviving this year. Mocha (our youngest cat) ate the lights stole the star and threw the ornaments to the puppies to play ball with!  I will have to take it  apart later today and re decorate it I bought none breakable balls this time and a cheap set of small lights hopefully they will last better and then I duct tapped the tree stand and skirt to the table to make it harder for her to drag it down. so we will see! glad I didnt get a real tree like we used to she would have climbed to the top!!

well I'd better get going hope you all have a great week speak to you soon
Jennifer from Texas

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wip 11/30/11

Another Week only a few left until x-mas!!  I'm nearly done  only two more main gifts to finish off then If I have time a few smaller ones to get.
Today in between fedex,ups and tow trucks I will be working on  my afghan for my sons girlfriend. if I finsih that I will work on my crinoline picture for my friend!  I finally got it  ironed on and all the threads picked out so now to get a move on and sew!  I will have a movie marathan while I'm working.

I did finish a smaller picture and have it dressed and ready to have framed. hopefully my husband will get that done on sunday. but we will see. it depends on the football games playing!! well hope  you all have a great week. speak to you next time.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hi there,
well things are better here now  kyle is sorting his vehicle problem out and I am finally making a start on x-mas shopping! 

I bought a bunch of things on line yesterday candles, candy, bags,books and clothes  then I decided I would make some coasters for the candles to  give with them and then I decided to embroid some little pictures for some of the other ladies I have to give to.  I found a few frames left over from other projects and picture hoops as well so I have the pictures printed on the material and I have started to get them worked. I have one nearly finished and the others will get done this week hopefully.  I was looking for a good gift to give to a good friend of mine. she is a police officer and she went to the scene of the accident to take care of my son for me when we couldn't get through. Its strange how life puts people together at first we werent sure if we liked each other much and then as the years went on our families became real close now she is the only one I can honestly say that if I called she would come no matter what was going on inher life.   anyway I decided to make her a crinoline picture. I have done alot for the family over the years but haven't done any for about 10 years now. they are alot of work and so expensive to get framed but they are something that can be passed on over the generations. 
She is meant to  come by today and pick which picture she would like. it usually takes about 2 months to work them so she will get it late but she will get it!!here is some pics of the ones Ive done before I have all the ones I did for my mother stored int he closet for my son when he gets his own place.
well I have to go now hope everyone has a great week.
speak to you soon


Friday, November 11, 2011


Well today is friday and the week is almost over!  Kyle is doing alot better now still sore but better.
His friend is expected to be released for home care on wed he had a couple of days of surgery in a row to stop internal bleeds and fix his leg  and feet bones. He will be wheelchair bound for quite a while but he will be more comfortable at home I'm sure. 
It got cool here last night and today so I made a big pot of potato soup for everyone then they all left and my  husband worked late so I'll have some myself and put the rest in bowls for later.!!     got to go now and get the little pups out of the pen for the night and get ready for the night shows!!  Hope everyone has a great weekend and thank you for your prayers and thoughts.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

rough week

                                                Peters quilt
                                         baby wall quilt
                                         baby quilt
                                       mother in laws quilt

Well I got some of my quilts completed and  back from the quilterone for my brother one for my mother in law for x-mas and two to store for when my son has kids. they  came out really well better than I thought they would!  started work on the x-mas quilt got it ready to cut to 5" squares (nightmare!!) put it in box for another day!! started another lap quilt for x-mas gift and worked on crocheted afghan for x-mas gift then the week went down hill.   My son and his friends were in a bad car accident on Sunday had to have life flight for his friend and  all vehicles totaled. someone was swerving through traffic passsing everyone and ended up coming at them head on  chain reaction set in and the other cars and trucks all smacked 5 in all  two life life helicopters and four ambuances were needed. luckily myt son was in his old ford f100 he was hit front on and in the side one of his friends is in intensive care from another vehicle it was a new 2011 truck had to be cut out he had surgery yesterday from 7.30 am until 8pm but expected to make it. 

inbetween all this we  re did our livingroom floor!!  it looks nice for all the activity. well I have to go and hopefully the rest of the year will be better!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


x-mas quilt pink square

x-mas quilt red and green squares finished

hall window(shown sideways!!) with quilt for curtain

pyramid scrap quilt started
Hi there everyone,
Finally our internet is back on! its been on and off for two weeks now as they fix the line.

I have been slowly working on my x-mas quilt. I have the greenand red blocks done now to finish the pink ones. I have half of the last stack done hopefully I will get them finished tomorrow.  I have also started hand working a pyramid block with scraps. The weather has been so nice here I have enjoyed
sitting out on my glider swing by the pond doing hand work while the puppies play.I even managed to get my cat quilt hung up as a curtain in the hallway!  I ran out of wall space!!
well hope you all have a great week. speak to you next time.!!

PS I have tried and tried to add pictures to this today but the internet just won't let me!  I will try to add them later when they have the service fixed better!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October Already!

Another month already! I am working on my winter quilt this week. I have half of the squares put together and hope to get the other half sewed today. I don't know how I'll work with my design board this time as I can't put it up in the livingroom because of puppies I will have to get my son to clean an area in his sitting room for me to use. (Might take a while to get that done!) I am trying to set a goal every week to work towards so far I have managed it . We got rid of all the exercise equipment in the livingroom and I now have a table set up permenantly with my machine on it. I am looking at my desk set in the kitchen area and trying to think How I can set up both so I can just swing my chair around and use either area. I might get that done this weekend If I can get the desk to fit in the space. I'll have to move the freezer anyhow as it has a small space in the back that Gizmo can fit into so it needs to be against a wall now.  I usually place cat bowls on it  for them to eat in peace but my sons bassett hound has figured out how to get to the bowls!!

well I need to get going or I'll never get to my sewing today!! Hope you all have a great sewing week.
see you next time.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Another Wednesday! this week has just flown by!!  I finally got my cat quilt done!  It is on the line drying now. I have my machine set up in the living room today and all ready to go. I found a box of  material already cut for a quilt called scrappity-do-dah I will try and make the squares this week and have top done by next Wednesday.  Found another chocolate pattern I had cut out have to re figure what I was doing with it and get it done next!  I washed and ironed all the reds for the Peaceful Pathways but haven't started to cut it yet, I need a really quite day to set up cutting time (when someone else is here to puppy and cat sit!)  I hope to get it cut on Sunday during the football game but we will see.  I need to go through all my things and list my UFOs and work my way through them until I get caught up! that's what I like about fall and winter I get to sit quietly outside and sew or crochet! 
Well I hope you all have a great week. speak to you soon


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

wed 9/7/11

Another week already! It's gone fast.  today I actually got my red material all washed and ironed. thats it !  the rest of the day I have been cleaning the house!!  I did dig out my knitting and crocheting work to do later today while catching up shows.   I 'm still sewing the edges of my cat quilt. I have been sitting outside on my glider chair this week  working on it a little at a time hopefully I'll get it done at the weekend.  well hope you have all had a good week. speak again next week.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

try again!

Ok here are some photos! as you can see Salvador is being a great help with my sewing!

Here was the quilt before it was layered.






Moms Missy
this is the family pics!(animal family!)

New Week

I can't believe its been a week already.  I haven't got much done on my quilt. I managed to put the layers together and started tying it together now I need to get the pattern drawn on and quilt it!!

We lost a good family member on saturday morning. Hubble has been with us for many years but cancer spread very fast.  It is the first time in 27yrs that we didn't have a dog in our house.
We lost Baby girl to old agae a few month back as well so it has been a trying weekend.

On a happier note a few weekends ago my husband brought me a little kitten that we called Mocha and she is doing fine. she has been accepted by all the older cats now and is getting on great with them.

This past sunday my husband went out to fill  all the bottle water containers and called me to tell me to get dressed he was coming to pick me up to take me to town.  when we got up to town there was a lady selling peka yorkies (teacup sized) I fell in love with the last one she had needless to say she is a new member of the family!  We have called her Gizmo but I find I call her gizzy lizzy don't know why it just happened!!
Then my husband asked me to contact a lady in the free cycle paper as she had a boxer that needed a home I wasn't ready for any other new family yet but he went to see the pup and fell in love with her. she is a boxer and lab mix (black and white)  we have named her Maggie I feel our family is complete again but boy I sure forgot what it was like trying to potty train again!! its been nearly 16yrs since the last ones had to be trained.
After all this you can imagine I haven't got much else done!! I did buy my material for the new peaceful pathways now if I can ge the time to wash my material I'll be doing good!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wip 8/24/11

Well today is the first blog for me who would have thought I'd be doing this!! 

I am working on a quilt from Ellies Quiltplace. I have been working on it all year and am now trying to put it together!  My work space is all over the house where ever I can find a gap! I have my ironing board in the kitchen , My material in my sons sitting room, my design board where ever I can lean it! and my sewing machine either in the kitchen or the livingroom!  I need to get a folding table or one with wheels so I can move it around easier!! I wish I could keep everything set up but no space!! We have four cats now and they really love it when I work on the quilts needless to say I do alot of ripping out after they have pulled my material while I'm sewing!!  We have a new kitten called Mocha and she is just learning all the tricks from the others!  Well anyway I will try to post a photo now and see how that works wish me luck!!