Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Another Wednesday! this week has just flown by!!  I finally got my cat quilt done!  It is on the line drying now. I have my machine set up in the living room today and all ready to go. I found a box of  material already cut for a quilt called scrappity-do-dah I will try and make the squares this week and have top done by next Wednesday.  Found another chocolate pattern I had cut out have to re figure what I was doing with it and get it done next!  I washed and ironed all the reds for the Peaceful Pathways but haven't started to cut it yet, I need a really quite day to set up cutting time (when someone else is here to puppy and cat sit!)  I hope to get it cut on Sunday during the football game but we will see.  I need to go through all my things and list my UFOs and work my way through them until I get caught up! that's what I like about fall and winter I get to sit quietly outside and sew or crochet! 
Well I hope you all have a great week. speak to you soon


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  1. Cute quilt, sounds like you will not be bored. Have fun.