Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry x-mas!!

Merry X-mas everyone!!

I'm up early with the dogs this morning thought I would get to sleep in but Daisy says no!!

I hope everyone has a great Holiday season.

Over the last few days I have had the help of my husband to get my crinoline picture done for my friends present.

Yesterday we finally got it washed and stretched then after it dried real good my husband helped get it fixed for the frame then framed.
We were able to deliver it last night so these are the only pictures I have but after it goes on her wall she will take a better picture for me.

Well I hope you all have a great christmas day!  We are going to have a quite one just Hubby ,son and girlfriend and myself for lunch (roast and all the trimmings!!)  Then Kyle and Ronakay will go to her parents for the next meal !!Until later everyone.!!

Blessing for the New Year!!

Friday, December 21, 2012


Well were still here!!!  My son says we are really in the afterlife and don't know it!!!

I hope everyone is having a great Pre Christmas time!!!  Yesterday I was finally feeling better and decided to clean the house good before everyone was off for the holidays.  Then I started my x-mas baking.

  I thought I had enough done until Hubby came home and had to taste test everything. I finally put the boxes in the other room and shut the door to stop him eating it all!! He is a diabetic and should not be snacking on all that sugar!!   Today I will have to package the cookies up on individual  plates and wrap for the gifts then I will see what I need to make for the next week for around the house.!  I still have all the peanut butter pies to make but I need to see when Hubby is going to his parents house so he can bring them with him.  He will go and stay over night  with them and come back the next day sometime that way he can spend some good quality time with them.  I have to stay here and take care of the animals plus my health makes it hard to go out to any ones house for extended visits. I tried new medicines this past week and it looked like it was going to work for me finally then they messed up the liver and kidneys again  and I ended up flat on my back in bed for four days until they wore off.  Can you say was not a happy camper.  I had to stop all my meds  until I got better now I have to start adding them again one at a time. A Real pain.  Any how  enough of that!!!

We do have some sad news to share for those of you who have been patient with me this year as I talked about Moms Missy, she went to heaven to be with mom Monday 10th. When Hubby took me to Dr's  Kyle(my son) took her to the vet. She was starting to be in a lot of pain and failing badly She has been greatly missed I was so used to her sitting with me all the time.

I  started  my block book hope to get it done to use for making the dear jane quilt.

I have managed to finish a few bom blocks that I was behind on and I have started to get the final batch ready  for applique. I have 3 country junktion ,3 Esthers forget me knots1 raspberry rabbit, 1 country cottage, 1 funky chicken left to do.  I hope to get to my light box to help me get Esthers blocks caught up over the x-mas week. I am hoping santa remembers to get me a strip light to go under it!!

Santa did bring me  new area rugs for the living room just in time for the cold weather!! He also brought my hubby a reclining message chair for the living room but the elves still have to figure out how to put it together!!!

 Oh and the frame came for the crinoline picture. it is 28x28  I didn't realize it was so big until I measured for the frame.  We will get it done next week and I will post a picture of it all done for everyone to see.  My friend is so excited to finally be getting it!! I told her I would make sure she got it before New Years!!

I have had a great time this month looking at everyone's posts I have also found a lot  and I do mean a lot !! of new projects for 2013.  I told myself that this next year I was only going to work on ufos and until then nothing else  well..... you all know how that works out!!! Maybe if I took all of January and Feb I could get projects done and then catch up on the boms that are starting but I hate  getting behind on any of them!!!

The weather here is cold now, not as cold as other people are getting!! but to us it is cold!  I snapped these pictures of my babies yesterday as I got them in their shirts for the cold afternoon. I didn't want to put the heater up yet and they were shivering so on with the clothes!!! poor princess she acts like I'm punishing her but after she gets it on she won't let you take it off!!!

Daisy stealing snacks!

Maggie and Cletus! (can you believe he is only around 5 months?)

Princess "Do I have to wear this?"

Gizmo  If I stay real quite she might not find me!!

Well I hope everyone has a Happy  Christmas  and a great New Year.
From everyone at the Thornton House hold Many  Blessings !!

Jennifer and Family

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Well here we are at the end of November ! Things have finally slowed down here. I need to get my x-mas things out of the closet  and see what I actually have ready for gifts but I look at the closet and close the door again!!  This weekend I will have the house to my self as my son is going off to another car show out of town so I will dig out the gifts and the decorations at the same time!!

I have spent the first part of this week getting all my bom blocks caught up ready to sew. I have  esthers blocks left to get ready this week  but I want to spend a little more time on hers and get the colors right.  I'm not too happy with my last two blocks I think I will have to go back later and add some embelishments to some of the blocks  but I will see when I put them together. Maybe they will look better once I have the borders on to brighten the pale colors. I can't wait to get the quilt put together.

I started a lap quilt for my sons girlfriend for x-mas but she wanted sneakers  so I got that instead. I might still give her the quilt if I get it done before the end of december but I won't rush it now. I got all my packages and cards mailed last friday  well I thought I did but I messed up with one data base so making anther x-mas exchange gift this week and will get it mailed hopefully this weekend!!  I have it all ready to sew then I have the embroidery to do on it  before I can put it all together. I can't show a picture as I don't know if she reads the blogs!! Its a surprise!!!  I will post after the holidays  I actually wouldn't have minded making one like it for my self!!!  Funny how the rushed things come out the best !!!

Esther I hope your cleaning is going good!! I loved the flowers that you did for this month my dilema
I love both carnations and daffodil have special meaning in our family so I think I will have to make one for the quilt and one for a wall hanging!!

Oh I did make a few mug rugs as well for x-mas .

well  hope you all have a great week !!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Holiday week!! I have so much still to do today I doubt I will get it all done!!
Both Hubby and Son are off for the rest of the week starting tomorrow so I need to gt a move on and finish some projects today!.  I have a lap quilt started for my sons girlfriend for x-mas I need to have it ready for the quilter by this weekend doubt that will happen but I will try!!  this was a pattern for a jelly roll quilt off of  you tube video.  It was to be nice and easy and fast  note I say was to be!!!!LOL!!   

Yup even with pictures I still messed up!  I was  going good the one day then picked it up for them coming home at night and took it out the next day to continue.  I had all the strips sew together and ironed  but I forgot I was meant to put one of each together and sew down each side to make a tube  BEFORE I cut the triangles  thats right I did both set of strips triangle by triangle then had to sew the parts together so this cost me an extra day sewing and  the squares didn't come out cut as good  so now I have to square up and get them ready to sew into rows today (after I find somewhere to lay it out to design it color wise!!)

This is the area I have left for my crafts it all got moved around at the weekend as my son looked for things in his room but he never put it back so now I  have to re sort everything and clean before I can get my work done!!

I have finished sewing the one flower on esthers block need to work with the light box to get the next pieces pinned on after I get this one done I need to  get my other bom blocks put on material and ready for applique so I can have a stack ready to sew again in my to go box  I have my other prepared ones all done now except this one  so I really need to get my self moving.

This morning I have to  write x-mas cards and get all  packages ready for the post office on friday or sat.
Kyle (my son ) says he will only go  once and mail them all as the lines will be long and he does not have the patience to stand in them!!  I have a -x-mas gift for an exchange to get finished and then that should be the last.

I signed up to  make 2 -6inch  knitted or crochet squares each month for an exchange. I haven't knitted in years This morning I remember why!!!   My poor ribs hurt Hubby was not pleased with me!!  then I found out the square I finished last night was too big I should have put my glasses on to read the tape!!! I had to rip it all out and start it again today~   I couldn't find my container to hold my wool and the cats  and dogs kept attacking me!  I tried to put it into a cardboard box with a hole in the top but the box was too shallow  I will have to get a bag out of the closed and try that instead today.. 
well I had better get a move on and walk away from this computer!! 
Hope you all have a great week and for those of you state side Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


IT'S DONE !! it's done!!!    I was determined that I would finish my crinoline picture for today, And Boy was it a challenge !!  between broken  and lost needles, hurt dogs ,stomach flue and MISPLACED GLASSES  i FINALLY won  and got it all done!!! I haven't taken the time to iron it yet as I have to wait until I have my stretching board ready but here is a completed picture of it. 

when we get it framed I will post a photo to show you it.

Now I can play catch up with all my bom's!!  I loved esthers one today I will be doing the bleeding hearts they bring a lot of memories for me. My mother used to have one outside the cottage I grew up in  It was a lovely deep red color. 
Well I will keep this short this week as I want to hurry and post!!   Then a cup of tea and a nice nap in order!!

Hope you all have a great week.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hi everyone!

Well been busy this week working on my crinoline.
 I didn't get my set goal done but I came close!!  I hope to have it completed  by next WIP day so here's hoping!!!   This weekend my husband made me a light box!! I asked him to buy me one at the store on his way home from work , he didn't like the price so he said he would make one at the weekend. I wondered if he actually would or not but on Sunday he dug out his tools and  got going.. I still need to get one more strip light for it that is brighter than the one he stole from my utility room!!  I had one at the doorway  so I can turn on a light before going across the floor to the switch by the outside door. now I use a broom handle to reach the switch !!1 ( we have the cat litter box in there and the old cat can't climb in it good sometimes!)  Have to watch were you step!!!
I finished up Esters Hibiscus block  and started to work on the magnolia block.

I have been ordering some civil war fabric to start on a Dear Jane quilt at the start of the year the material must be real popular as I  am having a hard time wining the bids on ebay!!

well not much else here this week Oh our ac unit went down again! so were back to fans window unit and then portable heaters for the rooms might get the repair man this week but we will see what we decide to do.  we were thinking of going to look at new mobile homes this weekend and trading this one in but not now after the election. Our place is paid in full already so really don't want to chance a house note at the moment. maybe in another 4 years we can get one !!

well I hope you all have a great week speak to you  next WIP!!


Wednesday, October 31, 2012



October over only two more months of this year  I HAVEN'T GOTTEN X-MAS GIFTS DONE YET!!

Well this week has been something  hasn't it. I have family all along the eastern seaboard  thankfully they have all checked in now and are all safe. Trees and yard damage and minor home damage but no injuries.which is the main thing.  The pictures coming out of the north today are awful I would say the death toll will be a lot higher when it is all said and done.  Prayers for those of you who have family and friends in these areas.

Well I actually got a lot done this week while watching news I guess the more nervous you get the better your hands move!!   I finished one puff on the crinoline and started work on the bottom of the dress. today's goal is to finish the bottom on that side and the middle of the bottom then set hoop for tomorrow on the other puff and side. I hope to finish it this weekend so here's hoping!! 

On Sunday my husband  cut out my template's  and  sanded them down for  a few of my quilt patterns they are ones I plan on working on by the end of the year and next year.

I caught up some more bom blocks  and have started the magnolia block on Esther's forget me knots

bought ink for my printer and put it in so I could get the boms for october printed out. Then I traced the patterns onto freezer paper but that is as far as I got. If I put them on material I will want to cut and starch them and if I starch them I will want to pin them and if I pin them I will HAVE  to sew them!!! Yup then I won't get my crinoline worked on!!!!!!

Yesterday I stopped work and gave three of the dogs a bath (now that is procastination!!)  Only two more dogs to bath but they are so big they are hard to get in and out of tub on my own. Hopefully son will get them done this weekend.

can you believe this is Cletus already here is a before and after pic!He came to us on the 8th of July and this is him now nearly 5 MONTHS old !!!~

Well I had better get a move on now or I will not get anything  done today!!
Hope you all have a nice week and will write again next week.!!
Be safe

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hi everyone!!
It's nearly Halloween!  I still need to get candy from the store I will have to remember to get it on thursday and stash it this time!! the last bags disappeared!

I haven't gotten much done this week at least variety wise. I have been determined to get my Crinoline picture done by the end of the month.  I am trying to plan section by section  today I have to finish the left  side poof and start on the right side so here's hoping!! I found a few movies on netflix and put them in the list for instant watching so after I catch up on my dvr shows I will watch one. Both  husband and son are working late tonight so will be a long day.

 Here is a picture of the crinoline so far
Having computer problems today so I will go have a great week!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


October is nearly over!!I'm not nearly caught up enough for x-mas!!
I worked all day Monday and Tuesday finishing my sister-in-laws quilt. It went from a lapquilt to a king quilt for her bed!!
I ran out of blue for the back and the store was sold out of it so  I had to re dig in the stash and found a bolt of fabric I bought on a whim last month  who new it was going to jump out for the  quilt!!! It is perfect for the back along with some blue it picks up a lot of the different  colors on the front of the quilt. I remembered though why I said  NO MORE BEDSPREADS!!!! I don't have enough room to sew them or lay them out properly.  Usually my quilter is nice enough to put the backs together for me but I didn't like to ask her to do the king size one. Hopefully my husband will drop it off to her by the end of the week!

Daisy is doing great now. she has the all clear from the vet and she got her cone off. She is playing with the other dogs now like nothing is different!  We had a good laugh the other week  the neighbour came over to talk to my husband while we were working in the back yard. He was all upset about this dog that he saw that was being abused he couldn't remember where he saw it but he thought it was terrible that someone would let a dog go around with a lampshade stuck to its head!.

Yup, It was our dog Daisy with the vet cone on her head!!! The poor man thought she was stuck and left like that!!!!  Here is a pic of her getting back at the cone she tore it all to pieces.

I finished two more Country Cottage blocks

 and sewed the last part of the wall quilts. I need to sit down and re do my x-mas list to see what I actually need. I have baby quilt half done as well but that one I have a little time to get done.  after today I am putting EVERYTHING  aside until I finish the Crinoline I really really need to get it done this year!!!!LOL

I got my material in the mail yesterday for  the Winter Blog land quilt  I am not making it until I have all the pattern though so I can make it all at once.

I picked the tulips to make on Esthers quilt I have gotten behind three blocks now but two are all cut and turned  and pinned  so catch up shouldn't be too bad.

Well I will go now and get some more done I have a roast beef to cook today for supper so I won't get much done in the afternoon.
MY sons girlfriend is celebrating her 21st today so we won't see him until tomorrow by the time he gets home we will be in bed!!

Hope you all have a great week
speak to you soon