Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Not much this week. all quite. I have to take some time today and go through the x-mas gift corner of the room and sort through to see who I have forgotten!! I need to make two embroidery hoop pictures for extra gifts so I will cut material and iron on pics today /

I have a few movies recorded  on dvr so will sit and watch them this afternoon and work on them at the same time. Movies always makes it go faster!  I have to move my couch around first thing today I moved my sewing chair and tables a while ago but don't like the angle I find I get a crink in my neck  so am moving it all back!

I have been cleaning out clutter in the house all week. gave away a few boxed of books to make room on the book shelves for newer arthurs but I backed up all my books over time on e-book formate so I still have the older ones.  then got rid of all old vhs and cassettes that are no good anymore. boy did I get alot of spare shelving!! I have it all filled up now with craft boxes so I can find things alot easier.Well hope you all have a great week. speak to you again next time.



  1. These are going to look lovely! What great gifts you are making.

    I know what you mean. I always try to de-clutter just before Christmas so I dont have to enter the New Year in a mess! I can't have movies on or I will stop and start watching them instead.

  2. You sounded busy to me! They look lovely.

  3. Hi Jennifer I did the same this week, took a day off to do just something for myself and did a tiny embroidery and watched Movies????? Cheers Glenda