Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Wow this week has gone by fast!!
I have actually gotten a lot done this past week. I decided to sort my wips to see what I still had to get done this year.  I have so much that I didn't get finished!! I need to sit today and make a new list !!! Don't you just love lists!@!

I made a set of cushion covers for my Aunt in Scotland and got them mailed I mailed a small wall quilt already to my Grandmother for a lady that  does her housework for her ( home help career) then another one for my cousin that has been very good about looking in on her for us. I thought I had finally finished  the overseas projects and could get a move on and catch up my crinoline for my friend when I got a call from Grandma to ask if I would make some more quilts as she thought of some others she would like to give gifts for !!! The total so far is 5 more wall quilts with her thinking of others over the next few days!!!

So I sat on monday from  6 am until 5 pm and dragged out all my project boxes and started cutting backings and batting to go with boms that I have from this year and then cut extra quilts for her and got them all ready to sew. by last night I finally got the applique caught up with the starch and turning ready to be sewn this weekend.  Today I need another cutting day to get three more quilts re cut  as she decided they can't be x-mas patterns!! she now wants year round quilts thank goodness they are mini quilts but I tell you I'm tired of looking at birdhouses !!!!I will have to dig for a different pattern for applique today!!

 I finished Esthers bom  block for July this week as well and have all the freezer paper drawn on but I haven't picked ,my material yet hopefully this week.  I have all my other boms blocks pinned and ready to hand sew now all in a box by my sitting chair hopefully there is some good movies on this weekend!!
Well I hope you all have a great week  and look forward to reading all your blogs!!

Have fun!

ps  I went to post pictures of my pillows and found I mailed them without taking a  picture of them!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I love wednesday mornings!! I'm sitting having a cup of tea and reading blogs! It's so relaxing after a hectic week.

Daisy and Maggie are doing great. Daisy had her eye removed and spayed  and Maggie was spayed as well.
Daisy is up and playing again now and dosen't even seem to realize it is gone.  Mind you she is extremely spoiled now!! I have been sitting in the bedroom most of the week with her  and the other furry family members If Daisy says lay down then lay down we go!! I will have to spend the next few months re adjusting her to who is boss!!

I have gotten a lot of hand sewing done this week. I am working on Esthers forget me knot from last month at the moment and I have the tracing done for this months I picked the magnolia to do. Esther I hope you are feeling some better now and thank you for putting out the blocks at the moment when you have been so ill.

I have completed two mini quilts and gotten them mailed to my grandmother in Scotland , pinned applique pieces to boms for this month all ready to sew.
Now to get my house tidied today and I can sit and watch tv shows and hand sew some more.
I hope everyone has a great week and thank you for all your prayers and notes over this last week it is really so nice and comforting to know someone is out there who cares even if we have never met in person.
God Bless.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Not much done this week again so far! 

I have been working on my crinoline picture I am now ready to work on the dress and hat!  Do yo think I will get it done before x-mas!!

I put it aside again while working on some projects to send overseas to my grandmother. She has been having some family and friends that have gone above and beyond to help so I have been making thank you gifts.  I am working on a small wall quilt now for my 3rd cousin Him and his wife have really helped  a lot

the last year. I have the  applique nearly done hopefully I will get it done today then sew it together I need to mail it by saturday so I will have to really crack down today and get it finished.  Then I need to work on my sister-in-laws lap quilt.

I spent yesterday morning working on some of this months BOMs I have three of them cut out and started to starch and turn edges ready for sewing . and I finished two from last month.

Today my son will be taking our dog daisy to the eye specialist to try and save her eye. we have been told she has the begining  of glacouma  she's not even two yrs old yet. so we will see what the new dr has to say. it is nearly a hour and half drive one way to take her and alot of money but he wants to make sure he has done what he can for her. she was spoiled before but now she is really spoiled!! she tells me when she wants to go lay down and expects me to join her. it is 5.30 am here right now and I have been up getting everyone off to work she is pawing at my arms and feet trying to get me to go back to bed now!! I will have to lay down with her after kyle leaves for work I think it is the drops she gets in the morning.

Well I hope you all have a great week. speak to you  next time.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

w.i,p 8.1.12

I haven't done much this week!  I had a bunch of hand sewing set up for doing while watching the olympic games but I didn't get much done!!  but thats ok the games have been good. I did get these place mats finished up for x-mas

 I finished the country cottage bom for July

  Oh and I cut this piece of material to make a new cover for the dog bed. bought it the other week and in 15 mins it was in pieces in the livingroom!!

my material came for the quilt I am making for my sister-in-law for x-mas  but it will all have to wait now until the games are nearly over!!

Hope you all have a great week