Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hi everyone!!
We have had finally had some rain here. the ground needed it but boy has the grass sproutted up tall!!
I need to get my garden weeded soon and put new mulch and plastic dow so the weeds will stay down poor Gizmo gets lost in the tall grass and flowers!!

Well I finally caught up my boms!!  I finished the forget me knot block for June yesterday  I'm not sure I like the top flower but will have to look at it awhile and decide if I will do anything else to it.

I finished  my raspberry rabbit june

funky chicken - june

country cottages - june

country junktion -  june

then I started to work on my june house blocks . today I plan on sewing the border parts on my funky chicken and raspberry rabbit then cut out the bottom sections for the house blocks so I can get the complete blocks caught up for jan-june so far I have half the bottoms and the complete tops done so just need to take the time and get the work done!!
when friday gets here I will clean the house for the weekend and then start  work on my crinoline picture again and work only with that for the rest of the month. Hopefully I can get it finished or at least nearly finished. As A friend said to me yesterday " You do know christmas is only 6 months away!!"  needless to say I haven't gotten this years lap quilts made for gifts or the place mats I wanted to make done!! I will have to take a whole month and do nothing but cut and sew tops to get quilted for christmas. I 'm meantt to be making a baby quilt and 4 lap quilts by then so heres hoping!!

Well I need to go now and get the  daily house work done my son wakes up in 1/2 hour for work then I have the place to myself until night  hopefully I will get something done today!  Have a great week !!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Hi everyone!!
My Husband is on a turnaround at work right now so he is  working 7 days 12-14 hrs per day for a few weeks so I get to set up in the livingroom for a while to sew!

This week I have finished  Mays block for Esthers forget me knot I feel it is missing something but I will take it back out another time and look at it again and see what I think. 

Yesterday I worked on my June blocks for other boms and got them ready for applique

Ive already got my day cleaning done this morning so I can sit all day and sew!  My little girls are all ready for a movie marathan ( they like the snacks!!) so a few more things to get ready and  then I can take it easy the rest of the day!!  

Well Hope you  all have a great week I will speak to you all again next week.  Can't wait until Esthers new block is posted!