Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Hi everyone,

It's October already!! Only three months left this year.I sure hope 2014 will be a better year for everyone.

Well I have gotten a lot of ufo's completed since last we talked not many left to do now mostly sit down in a comfy chair and watch movies projects!! I have one more quilt to finish , the House per day one . I have next year all planned out  with my projects that I want to make so I will have to be careful I don't start too many at once!!

Here are some pics of things that are completed

green placemats

back of x-mas placemat

chicken and butterfly quilt blocks were from two swaps

front x-mas placemat

cat quilt  blocks were from swap from all over the world it was nice going through these after so many years and seeing where they all came from!!

snowbound quilt


plenty of fish top finished now to get it to the quilters !!

I have a few more quilt tops made and ready for the quilter but I don't have the photos of them yet  so I will show them when they come back all finished.!!   I actually have all my x-mas gifts done now as well just need to put finishing touches on them then  get wrapping paper and  get them all wrapped but that will get done in november.!!!  I have been  saving the patterns for the Love Entwined quilt I have the compass done but I put it all aside until I got my Ufo's completed .

Well I will go and get some housework done hope you all have a great week!!

10.02.13 again!!

I recieved this wonderful box of goodies from my swap partner for a coaster swap late last night had to post the pics for you to see!

finished the bom for october

finally got my compass section all sewed on ready for the next part now!!

Monday, August 12, 2013


Morning everyone!!

It's been a quiet week here so far I have finished my compass for Love  Entwined . and started on the ring

I finally finished all of my Mothers UfO's 12 years later here is a picture of  the lap quilt I made out of her cushion panels she had started.

I also got  the baby car seat  quilt back and delivered to  my sons friends little girl she was born the other week so I wasn't too late!!

I also got a baby gift delivered to my niece she had the choice between baby supplies or a new sewing machine and  some bath toys ect for the baby  (her old machine broke down)  she picked the machine!! that way she will be able to make costumes  and dresses for the baby as she grows.  I also sent her a 1/4 foot and some quilting rulers!! you can't go wrong with that!! I should have sent some candy for the daddy but truthfully I didn't think about it in time!!~
This week I am also working away on my Snowbound quilt and Plenty of Fish quilt   trying to get the tops done. I can't believe it is almost september I need to get all my santa gifts wrapped and boxed all the way now and see about getting them mailed soon 

Well I hope you all have a great upcoming week.
Jennifer from Texas

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Not much here this week. 
I have been a bit under the weather again so really just taking it easy this week.

I managed to make a couple of blocks one Ranchers Daughter and one from the block of the month  from Crafts Delight group.

 I worked on my String of Pearl quilt and finished the top and backing all ready for quilters;  Unfortunatly all my family hated it when it was done except  my little Gizmo  I'm glad I used sraps I had sitting around or I would feel bad about wasting the material!! 
 I found this recipe on face book!  Isn't that neat ! It actually looks easy to make  might try it one day for a laugh I can just see the Hubbys face if I put that in front of him for a meal!!
I am still working on part one of Love Entwined I am half way through hand sewing the compass I have been just doing a little every day now that I have finished some more things off . I will post a picture when it is done.  I also have the Snowbound quilt just about ready to be put together I have one more round on the alternate blocks to do . 

Well hope you all have a great week.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Afternoon everyone!

I haven't got much done this week been a poor health week so far but doing better now.
I worked on the snowbound quilt for a little while and also  started sewing the rows together for string of pearls hope to get them done next week.

 I  got some good news t a short time ago my niece had her baby girl
Evelyn Dahlia Brinton was born at 7:31 am. (On 7/31!!) 7lbs 2oz. 19 inches long. 
I know they will be relieved that she is here.
I also recieved my box from Beach cottage stitchers today with some of the kits I ordered to do between Esthers Love entwined and  a dear Jane quilt this next year.  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hi everyone

Well it's been a busy week so far!  I have been trying to get caught up on swaps and boms but I think I have a good ways to go yet!!

My dogs and one cat went to be spayed and neutered  on the 16th and that has taken up a lot of my time this week. Having  four spoiled and sore babies was hard!!
  I have been  working on my hand sewing  the last week. I have the  coasters for a swap hand appliqued and the embroidery done  now to put them together.
I finished the applique on Snowbound now to do the buttons and embroidery on them this week.

My husband fixed my old machine for me (the new one got sent back)  then it went  and died on me for good!! so My son  set up the back up machine for me and got me a light for my head and a needle threader so I could get it threaded when he wasn't here to see for me!!LOL  it seems to be working good for now so  I have been trying to catch up on my String of Pearls quilt by Christa Quilts  I hope to get it to the quilter this weekend.

I finished step 10  on the Plenty of Fish mystery quilt as well only a few more then that one will be done as well.  That should be two Christmas gifts completed once that is done.

I worked on my Christmas Stocking swap and the Santa Sack swap nearly got that all completed as well. So many  nearlies  but not enough done!!

I also got the Ranchers Daughter block done at last not too happy with this one but hopefully  it will look ok when I put them all together.
This is a picture of my son Kyle I'm going to frame this one once I get it enlarged perfect  Happy picture!!

Hubby was rained out a lot this week which was good in one way , he was home to help with critters but bad in another we really could have used the money!!  He did get  odd jobs done around the house for me sinks, drains and even built a new house for the turtles this year!!
Well I had better go and get some work done before the day gets on too far.  Hope you all have a great week!!

ps Poor Cletus had problems  so had to go to vet this morning. They say the knot will go down but he has to stay conned for awhile.  as you can see He doesn't think so!!!!  Kyle couldn't get him out of the truck at the vets so the vet came out and tended him in the truck!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hi everyone!

July is here already!! Have been busy this past week with family so didn't get too much sewing done. Hubby was off for  Fourth of July week and we had a nice time just being together. We Bbq on the 4th and sat around the yard it was so peaceful the dogs loved it they were outside with us all day as well.  On Friday hubby went to get the tuck serviced, get a new social security card ordered and then went to his  parents to check on them.  On Saturday he spent the day doing yard maintenance looks real nice now!! On Sunday he installed the new dishwasher in the kitchen for us. It looks good    and is a whole lot quieter than the old one was.  (I'm still hand washing !!)  I also re sealed my counter tops as well.

My sewing machine died on me last week as well so ordered a new one from the QVC company so I could make payments. I ended up buying a brother CS-6000i   can't believe how quiet it is!! no more getting in trouble if i sneak up during the night they don't hear it!!!

Most of my material is in now for Esthers Love Entwined quilt I am just waiting for my greens I have the compass ready to sew just have to get it done!!

I have been working on Snowbound quilt as well I have nearly half of them done now I will go back and do all the embroidery and buttons after I get the applique done.
I made my July block for the  Crafts Delight sew along

Worked on my Plenty of Fish quilt there are only 4 more steps to getting this mystery quilt done I think it will turn out to be a nice Christmas gift but we will see.!  I am also nearly done the String of Pearls quilt along as well just need to catchup the last steps for the top  and that will be another Christmas gift done ready for quilters!!

I worked a little on my christmas swaps but I really  really need to get back to finishing them so I can  work on my monthly BOM's  I am getting too far behind on some to even say I can start them!!!

Next week will be a bust getting much done as the dogs and the cat all go to be spayed and neutered on Tuesday that will be 4 of them at  one time should be interesting!!  I will be glad when that is all taken  care of then I can save for the new couch before the end of the year.!! Will be nice to have a good couch again in the livingroom!!
Well no much else here so I will get a move on today and dig out my xmas swaps things to see how much I still have to do!! I will take pictures of everything to show at the begining of the year!!!

Oh and I signed up for a coaster swap with the Quilting Gallery I didnt mean to but I couldn't resist the pattern!!