Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Morning everyone!!!

Well this week has been busy but still can't show much!!  I only have two more gifts to complete for the Stocxking Swap and 5 more for the Santa Swap! I have been taking pictures as I complete and wrap each item so I can show them after my partner has opened them.

Now lets see My fat quarters for  the aiming-for-accuracy-quilt-along came in the other day . I will be using  two shades of purple/lavender for the contrast color.
ufo prize!

I won the prize for the first half of the year for the most UFOs completed.
 A lovely kit put together for me to work on.

Here is the embroidery I am making for a Christmas gift.

These are two patterns I bought with thread and material to work on next year in between Dear Jane and Esthers Love entwined.

The rest of this year is going to be finishing that UFO list as best I can and finishing up the few new  quilt alongs I started this year  I have been working on my Plenty Of  Fish mystery quilt I have step 8 a and b cut and today I will get them sewn I  think this one will be a gift but I haven't decided yer we will see when it is done.
Step 8a done
  I have Christa sew along  String of Pearls  cut out and ready to sew today as well so lets see how much  I can get done!

Hubby has changed hours at the job for the summer we get up now before 4 am and he gets offwork at 4.30 pm needless to say by 8.pm we are ready for bed!!

I also found some good deals on ebay for  end of bolt deals so I stocked up for backings so I should have what I need now for a few lap quilts I wanted to make for ourselves for winter. there are two that I think I might be using for  Esthers for the back  but we will see. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Morning everyone!

Well have been busy this week getting projects ready to work on.  I promised myself not to start new ones until I finished old ones but we all know how that goes!!

I cut my fabric for http://christaquiltsblog.com/2013/05/22/christas-quilt-along-6-0-string-of-pearls-introduction/        She has step 6.2 posted now so I can sew it when I get time (I saved the pattern so I can get to it later)

I have all the Snowbound by Bunny Hill ready for applique  and they were nice enough to send me the info on the filler block so I could get this one done!!  I even found the bag of buttons for it that I bought years ago!!

I have been working on my stocking swap gifts I have most of them done now only a few more to go I need to sort through them again and make sure I have everything for them.

We have had really really hot weather here I had my son take a picture of my pretty Lilly that bloomed this past week  I am so glad it came back. Hubby moved it last year  and it actually survived the dogs!!!  I love the shade of pink.

Well not much else I can show you here most of my work is secret santa stuff  and my partner  might be reading my blog!!

Hope you all have a great week.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hi everyone,

Can you believe we are halfway through the year already?  I have so much that I wanted to get done this year and not even made it part way through the lists.  and Yes I did mean lists!!

I have a list of crafts that are un finihsed objects (ufo's)   and another for crafts I want to do  and one for household chores and one last one for  christmas gifts to make!!

Today I decided I have to  be smarter and go through all my boxes and drawers and gather together ALL projects started and drag them to the living room so I can trip over them  maybe I will get them all done that way!!

I got tempted this morning to join another quilt along so I of course had to order some fabric for it then I started trying to get ready for another Christmas swap that I joined I need to come up with some more craft ideas for that one.

I did finish a few blocks and my sal for June

Over the weekend I worked on cutting out smaller projects  ( I nearly gave the christmas surprise away!!)  but I haven't managed to get to them today yet.

I had a few of you ask to see the all over quilting that was done on Esthers forget me knot quilt so here are some photos.  Mrs Lowe from Dayton Texas did the machine quilting for me she does really good work and is always so  willing to  help when I need  extra stuff done!!

Well I had better get off of here and get some work done!  no more google today for me!!!

Hope you all have a great week!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hi every one!!

Well I got my finished quilt back! It came out good but I don't know where I will put it!! 

Allen was off work this weekend and we had a nice lazy one watched a movie  and tv shows then on Sunday he made me a stand to hold my cross stitch patterns on I have a magnetic dry erase board  to put on it so it works real good.

Today I have just been working with my snowbound quilt I have had the squares cut out for years now and am just now getting to work on it. I started getting all the applique ready I will do that first then have it all ready in a box to sew. 

I worked alot on my stocking swap this past week only three more gifts to make for it but haven't decided what they will be for those last few months . 

Well hope you all have a great week.  Happy sewing!!