Wednesday, August 31, 2011

try again!

Ok here are some photos! as you can see Salvador is being a great help with my sewing!

Here was the quilt before it was layered.






Moms Missy
this is the family pics!(animal family!)

New Week

I can't believe its been a week already.  I haven't got much done on my quilt. I managed to put the layers together and started tying it together now I need to get the pattern drawn on and quilt it!!

We lost a good family member on saturday morning. Hubble has been with us for many years but cancer spread very fast.  It is the first time in 27yrs that we didn't have a dog in our house.
We lost Baby girl to old agae a few month back as well so it has been a trying weekend.

On a happier note a few weekends ago my husband brought me a little kitten that we called Mocha and she is doing fine. she has been accepted by all the older cats now and is getting on great with them.

This past sunday my husband went out to fill  all the bottle water containers and called me to tell me to get dressed he was coming to pick me up to take me to town.  when we got up to town there was a lady selling peka yorkies (teacup sized) I fell in love with the last one she had needless to say she is a new member of the family!  We have called her Gizmo but I find I call her gizzy lizzy don't know why it just happened!!
Then my husband asked me to contact a lady in the free cycle paper as she had a boxer that needed a home I wasn't ready for any other new family yet but he went to see the pup and fell in love with her. she is a boxer and lab mix (black and white)  we have named her Maggie I feel our family is complete again but boy I sure forgot what it was like trying to potty train again!! its been nearly 16yrs since the last ones had to be trained.
After all this you can imagine I haven't got much else done!! I did buy my material for the new peaceful pathways now if I can ge the time to wash my material I'll be doing good!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wip 8/24/11

Well today is the first blog for me who would have thought I'd be doing this!! 

I am working on a quilt from Ellies Quiltplace. I have been working on it all year and am now trying to put it together!  My work space is all over the house where ever I can find a gap! I have my ironing board in the kitchen , My material in my sons sitting room, my design board where ever I can lean it! and my sewing machine either in the kitchen or the livingroom!  I need to get a folding table or one with wheels so I can move it around easier!! I wish I could keep everything set up but no space!! We have four cats now and they really love it when I work on the quilts needless to say I do alot of ripping out after they have pulled my material while I'm sewing!!  We have a new kitten called Mocha and she is just learning all the tricks from the others!  Well anyway I will try to post a photo now and see how that works wish me luck!!