Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It's cold here now in Texas time to sit and hand sew for a while under my lap quilts and watch movies!!
I wish!!

We finally got all the insurance work done for my sons truck and he finally got his checks so I can have a bit of breathing room now and get on with my x-mas stuff.

Today I'm working on a lap quilt for a neighbour for x-mas. I had a bunch of  extra blocks sitting around and decided there was enough to make a nice middle of a quilt so thats what I have started on this morning. I will make solid borders to go around then I'll justr have to get a back material. I tried to get into my stash but all the boxes with presents to be wrapped are pilled in the way so I'll go in there later after kyle is gone to work. I'm sure I'll make too much noise for him as he is sleeping in the next room!  he is wearing ear plugs now as the machine woke him up I guess he thought I'd stop but I handed him a packet of ear plugs from his fathers drawer!! they come in handy!!

My husband bought us a wii machine for our early x-mas he got me the wii fit program and set it up at the weekend. the rotton thing tells him if I have exercised for that day !  needless to say I got caught  on monday so had to work on it yesterday@!  I will use it here in a little bit after I get the center of the quilt done it will help loosen my muscles ( I'll be like jello for a while good reason to sit still at the machine!!)  I did finish my afghan last week but I keep looking at it and think I'll have to add more rows it doesnt look wide enough for my liking I will have to lock  up the pets this time though if I work on it again they wouldn't leave me alone last time and it drove me crazy.  our poor tree is having a hard time surviving this year. Mocha (our youngest cat) ate the lights stole the star and threw the ornaments to the puppies to play ball with!  I will have to take it  apart later today and re decorate it I bought none breakable balls this time and a cheap set of small lights hopefully they will last better and then I duct tapped the tree stand and skirt to the table to make it harder for her to drag it down. so we will see! glad I didnt get a real tree like we used to she would have climbed to the top!!

well I'd better get going hope you all have a great week speak to you soon
Jennifer from Texas


  1. Jennifer I now know who rules your house, I have a wee shiatsu dog and she rules ours. Was so glad to read the insurance paid up. Not too sure about the wii machine though!!!!! My grandchildren love theirs. Your Xmas fabrics look wonderful; I'm looking forward to seeing what you make. Cheers Glenda

  2. Wow you have been busy -and- productive. I love that you handed out earplugs instead of stopping - that's the spirit!!

    The Christmas lap quilt is looking great and what a thoughtful and useful quilt to make.