Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Another week and nearly another month!! This year is going way too fast.

I had a really nice weekend we celebrated my Birthday and Mothers Day  late but it was worth it!! 
Saturday Allen did the yard work and tidied up around the yard. Sunday he went and bought 20lbs shrimp and 40 lbs crawfish   this is my birthday meal!!   He then went and got parts to fix the a/c unit outside. a friend had brand new parts he didn't need and he gave them to us so now I have my cold cold air back!!
On Monday he fixed the a/c and helped kyle to fix his car. he ran over a deer on the way home from work the other night and tore up the under neath of car.  Luckily he wasn't hurt.   Then after he finished all that he BBQ ribs chicken and  sausage!!   At night we had ice cold watermelon as well  now I won't need to eat for a week!!!  Really need to go on a diet again and try to exercise more. 
Love being out here but wish it was the beach!

I tried to get a picture of our tree outside to show you the blooms on it does anyone know what kind of tree this is? I would love to get another but kyle can't remember what it was.

The dogs all had a great weekend they loved being outside with us and running free  today they have slept most of the day!!  

On Saturday morning Hubby took Princess and Daisy to get vacinations and have a bring home chip inserted  now to work  on getting the rest of them taken care of!!  
Mommy I don't feel good don't make me go back!!

This morning I have been cleaning the house really really good so I can sew to my hearts content the next few days!!  I have nearly finished my June cross stitch  and I have caught up all the Ranchers daughters blocks again!   I hope to work on the June block  later today but we will see.  I have been doing alot of the gifts for the  stocking exchange I will have to remember to take pictures of them all to show later. 
ranchers daughter
June cross stitch

My Forget Me knot quilt is finished at the finishers just have to get it picked up can't wait to see how it turned out!

well hope you all have a great week.!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5.22.13 continued

Look what I got in

the mail today!! I got three different pkgs one material one patterns and one nick nacs!!!


Hi everyone!

Well not too  much to post this week again.  Life here has been hectic but starting to settle down now

Hubby changed his job to a better paying and better hour job it's been many many years since he has done this but we are starting to get back on track now.!!  have to wait 90 days before we get insurance again though that is the only draw back  we still have eye glass insurance until the end of the month so I am trying to get my glasses done before it is too late!! Will try to get them done over the weekend if I can get  there.!

Lets see I have been working on a stocking swap for x-mas so I can't show my work yet !!  I have gotten  the stocking done, February,April,May and October done already today I plan on doing Augusts  I will take pictures of everything and post them after my partner has seen everything!!  It has been fun trying new crafts ideas  and each item is meant to be themed for the month  which has been hard on some of them!!

I did get my cross stitch for April and May completed   so I am all caught up. I need to get a stand made this weekend to hold my cross stitch charts so I can see them as well as the tv ! 

well thats it for this week !  hope you all have a great week

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Hi there,

Well I finished the  forget me knot top!!  I took a picture with the cell phone as my camera is out of battery and card is missing.  My son "borrowed" it.  not too good of a picture but I will post a better one when I get it back from finishers!!.

I also got the next step done on the POF mystery.

I have been  working on some x-mas gifts for a  stocking swap I can't show the pictures of that until after x-mas as well!!  

Today I am starting work on my house a day quilt. I pulled it from my ufo  pile and have it sitting by the machine for spare moment sewing!!  I also have been  getting a embroidery picture started for a friend's x-mas gift  I got as far as  putting the picture on it  now to choose the threads and put them aside in a box.

the other day I was sitting at my  sliding glass doors in the kitchen and saw this wonderful bird at the feeder. there was just one of them  and I managed to catch a picture of it.  I had never seen one like it here before. I found out it is called a Baltimore Orieole   I need to put more humingbird feed out today as well before the rain gets here. I ran out of bird feed this week as well we had so many birds eating this week. Will have to get an extra big bag this week when we do our shopping!!

I got my next cross stitch package in the other day I hope to get some of these started soon but I don't want to start more until I get some of the ufo's finished first!!
Well I need to go and  get some cleaning done  then I can get on with my sewing day.  Hope you all have a great Mothers Day this Sunday when it gets here.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hi there,

May 1st already this year is flying past!

It doesn't seem like I got much done this week but it has all been hand work and slow work!

My son started a new shift at work so he is in the house now until 11.30 am so my working schedule is all messed up. I will have to get in the swing of things soon.   Lets see this week I made my Ranchers Daughter block from last week .

Made my SAL block for May

worked on my April cross stitch SAL

got a picture for  an xmas gift put on material for embroidery and onto a hoop. I did  get the house cleaned and the wash all done already so I am ahead on that. Yesterday I  finished pinning the rest of  Forget Me Knots fancy work  have the name plates embroidered just have to sew them on. Hope ot have it all done by the next  WIP  so here's hoping.

Out telephone is not working right now so have a repair man coming today to fix the problem.  My Grandmother in Scotland is having fits as she can't just pick up the phone and talk right now. she is  96 yrs old and not able to walk anymore so she sits with a phone at her side and when she gets lonely she calls just to hear a voice. I have been calling her on my cell phone a few times a day but she won't believe me that it doesn't cost too much and won't stay talking!!

Well I will go now and get some more rest before the repair man gets here.
Have a great week everyone!!