Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Another month nearly over !  I realized today that it has been nearly  6 months since I have actually quilted quilted!  I think it is time to get back to it again.  

We finally got the spare bathroom completed it was pretty much a complete gut floors walls and tub/shower area. so glad the hurricane damage is finally finished we should be ashamed of ourselves it took us this long to get to it!! But at least it is now done. Hubby did a wonderful job on the woodwork in here. We now just have the Hallway ti re-paint and trim up and the kitchen floor to be re done.  still hoping to get that done this year but we will see.

We had a nice Memorial Day weekend.  We BBQ on Saturday and did yard work and house work
M son went to the store on Saturday and picked up a pool for us this year it is 22 ft round and 52" tall. On Sunday we boiled craw fish and fried shrimp. Monday we spent  getting the ground in the front ready to place it down and then set it up  we wanted to put it in the back yard but no fence and the nieghbours have small children for the summer we didn't want to chance them getting in the pool when no one was around so this year the front yard it is!  

After it was put up and we started filling it we found a small  hole in the lining!  it was decided by all that a patch kit for underwater repair would have to be used !!!  I did call the company and reported the damaged one they are sending out a new liner for us so we will store that one until the  other is no use!!

Craft wise I managed to get May Calendar Girl done and  my surprise picture I got from Beach Cottage Stitchers   for my birthday. 

My Husband made a path in the sitting room yesterday for me so I can finally get to my material again!  found my Love Entwined box and dragged it to the livingroom now to get  some of my smaller material pieces together so I can finally get started on it again!!

I nearly forgot here are some pictures of the ponds my son is making for me still has a lot of work to do on them but  they are a fit in job!!
Well I'd better go and finish getting washing done so I can put water back on to fill pool!! Hope you all have a great week.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Where has this month gone? 

I have been going through my craft things this week  I decided a lot of the patterns that I have I will never do or that I have already done them the binders take up so much room I really need to declutter so I have been sorting them all out and  keeping what I want and the rest I am passing on to my niece. She has a young baby girl and is just starting out in the quilting.  I will have to use two boxes though as the first box fit nice but was way too heavy so I will separate them and add material to the boxes to fill them.  Her Husband is in the military so I know money  will be tight so hopefully this will help her out some.

Our bathroom is nearly finished at last. Hubby got the shower working now and the floor and most of the rest of the room done it just leaves the sink faucet to be changed , the mirror to be hung and the rest of the trim work to be done. It came out nice looking a lighter green than before but it brightens it up.

My son Kyle and his girlfriend Ronakay have been doing the ponds and gardens in the front yard but they still have a ways to go but everyone is working  so many hours that it is just a little bit at a time. Still it is so peaceful to sit and watch the fish and listen to the wildlife. 

I finished Aprils Calendar Girl cross stitch and  also another block of the wish quilt. 

I want to get back to Love Entwined but I still can't get to my material for all the tools and drywall sitting in the way  I sure will have a whole lot of catching up to do over the winter!!

Well hope you all have a great week.
going to try and finish Mays Girl today.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Morning everyone!!

Not much new here I haven't been doing much craft work lately we have been busy getting house repairs done  finally got the walls and flooring replaced down at my sons end of the house had a good bit of  water damage but was able to replace and save the frame work.  now to finish getting the bathroom done we have the tub in place and the drywall hung toilet in place and the rest is still to be finished kyle does a little everyday before he leaves for work and hubby a little at night when he gets home hopefully we will get it completed this weekend.  Kyle also started to re do the pond and garden areas for me so I have a nice area to sit out in  he does really lovely gardens I can't wait to see what it will look like when he is done.  I will post pics when they are all done with both projects.

Onto crafts I am still working  on my Wish quilt!!  I have nearly finished another  block but it is slow going lol

I have actually completed some cross stitch pictures  but that is about it! 

well I hope you all have a great week.

Speak to you soon.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014



It's been awhile since I last posted time has just got away from me lately!!

I haven't been doing much machine sewing at all this year taking a break and doing more hand sewing .

I Have been working on Red Brolly Wish quilt nearly have the embroidery blocks done still have a few to go but hopefully int he next month will have it ready to put quilt together.
I have nearly finished the next block will post when it is done.

I have also done some cross stitch pictures  nice and relaxing well unless I have to un do sections!!LOL

I have my things all ready now for the LE quilt I have the compass done already and all the other parts printed off  trying to get the wish quilt done first so I can work just on LE straight through.

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend  hoping to have a BBQ and get some work done around here but we will see..

  Bye for now

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Another Wednesday!  March is going by so fast. Our weather is finally heating up some and I suppose before long I will be complaining it is too hot and too dry! But really am glad the rain has stopped for a few days I am so tired of the dogs being covered in mud!

Hubby installed the new window a/c this pat weekend in the livingroom window. I am disappointed that we had to go back to window units, the central broke down again and just can't put the money on a whole new unit this year          , so hence the window ones. I will miss looking out the  window during the day while I sit on my chair sewing.

I worked on my wish quilt a little this week but have been slow on it.
I did finish these two cute cross stitch pictures this week from Shepherds Bush  Spring Box and Winter Box they were fun to do and quick. I will pick out another kit to work on for this week later after I wake up more!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Morning everyone!

It is a gorgeous day out here!  Not too hot not too cold and NO rain for the day!!   Our central air went out yesterday needs another motor outside again hope to have it fixed this weekend.  At least I can still open some windows for a breeze  until the hotter weather returns!  

I have been having a lot of down time lately just relaxing and doing some thinking.  I Have been spending most of my time watching the D.I.Y. channel on tv and drooling at some of the remodeling on the houses!!!

I have finally finished winding all my threads I have laying around onto cards turned out I had way more than I thought!!!LOL  took me two weeks to get them all done.

Lets see   here are some of the things I have puttered around doing.

cross stitch book mark

mini quilt for a swap wish the better pic had come out but it seems awfully blurred to use.

caught up all the parts for Shabby Roses Home quilt
wish quilt block I am working on
wish quilt blocks done so far.!

My poor little Princess I stood on her by accident yesterday thought I had broken her leg but she hobbled off to the bedroom and dragged her teddy bear from the bed to the couch and  sat cuddleing it most of the afternoon I felt awful! she is better today!!! 

Well thats about it for today  hope you all have a great week!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Hi there,

This month has almost gone already!  I haven't done much craft wise so far  I did finish another block on the wish quilt and I nearly finished a second one not too many more to do .  I have been winding all my dmc floss onto paper discs to have them ready to go still have a lot to wind hopefully by the end of the week I will have accomplished that project!! 
The last of the packages arrived from Walmart and various stores with all the yearly stock up I still need to find places for the shampoo bottles I ran out of space in the cabinet!!

Hubby went to his mothers on Saturday morning and took the supplies to her and got all her yard work caught up fixed her car and made sure they had enough groceries for a while.  He will be going on long hours shortly when the weather gets a bit better so needed to get some things done before hand.

On Sunday he installed the new black vent a hood  in the kitchen  the weekend before that the fridge came and  my son Kyle and my hubby installed that it makes such a difference the house is quite now no loud motor running!! and it looks nice having matching again.  Now that just leaves the floor and a new faucet to be installed and the center counter to be re finished (butcher block needs seasoned again)  after that we will have the house completed up to the hallway . so we can say about 3/4 done now!  I will be so glad when we get it all repaired and back in shape.  We have to wait now until the ground drys up good to get the leveling done before we can go much farther we are hoping it will get done in april but we will see.

Well I hope you all have a great week.