Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Hi there,

This month has almost gone already!  I haven't done much craft wise so far  I did finish another block on the wish quilt and I nearly finished a second one not too many more to do .  I have been winding all my dmc floss onto paper discs to have them ready to go still have a lot to wind hopefully by the end of the week I will have accomplished that project!! 
The last of the packages arrived from Walmart and various stores with all the yearly stock up I still need to find places for the shampoo bottles I ran out of space in the cabinet!!

Hubby went to his mothers on Saturday morning and took the supplies to her and got all her yard work caught up fixed her car and made sure they had enough groceries for a while.  He will be going on long hours shortly when the weather gets a bit better so needed to get some things done before hand.

On Sunday he installed the new black vent a hood  in the kitchen  the weekend before that the fridge came and  my son Kyle and my hubby installed that it makes such a difference the house is quite now no loud motor running!! and it looks nice having matching again.  Now that just leaves the floor and a new faucet to be installed and the center counter to be re finished (butcher block needs seasoned again)  after that we will have the house completed up to the hallway . so we can say about 3/4 done now!  I will be so glad when we get it all repaired and back in shape.  We have to wait now until the ground drys up good to get the leveling done before we can go much farther we are hoping it will get done in april but we will see.

Well I hope you all have a great week.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Hi everyone!

Not much new here at the moment.  I have been busy working on the house trying to get repairs caught up with Hubby and rearranging things. We decided to start clearing out a lot of things that we haven't used in years amazing what you find in the back of cabinets!!!LOl

Hubby finally put up shelves in the utility room for supply storage and trimmed down kitchen cabinet to actually fit the new fridge. We ordered a new black fridge 21 cu ft and a black vent a hood my appliances will all match now we still have white freezers but that I don't mind.  All the shelving in the kitchen is done now and in place as well so that doesn't leave much left to be re done but the floor and faucet.  I will be glad when we get that all finished then we will have 3/4 of the house all repaired and lasting for another 10-20 yrs hopefully.  we have changed sockets while we were at it and boy did we find some not so nice surprises so was glad we took care of the wiring.
Got our taxes done as well just waiting for refund to come in.  Stocked up the household for the year and ordered yard equipment for Hubby so hopefully this year will be the year of repairs!!

Craft wise I have had a slow year this year still working on my Wish quilt block I did a little on it but not much.

I bought some fabric from silkweaver  still have some more to come in.

I have been reading a book by Kim Harrison trying to catch up on my series before the next one comes out!  We have had a good bit of cold and rainy weather the last few days  and it looks like we will have some more the rest of the week. I will have a lazy week I think now and try to catch up with the sewing.

I received my Valentine Swap from Hollie Poley !  She sent me a lovely Pin cushion with cat paw prints! and the back has a place for my scissors as well as three candy bars I don't have the candy to show you I ate it before I took my pictures! sorry  but it was good!!LOL
I also finished January Calender Girl.

Hope you all have a great week.