Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hi there,
well things are better here now  kyle is sorting his vehicle problem out and I am finally making a start on x-mas shopping! 

I bought a bunch of things on line yesterday candles, candy, bags,books and clothes  then I decided I would make some coasters for the candles to  give with them and then I decided to embroid some little pictures for some of the other ladies I have to give to.  I found a few frames left over from other projects and picture hoops as well so I have the pictures printed on the material and I have started to get them worked. I have one nearly finished and the others will get done this week hopefully.  I was looking for a good gift to give to a good friend of mine. she is a police officer and she went to the scene of the accident to take care of my son for me when we couldn't get through. Its strange how life puts people together at first we werent sure if we liked each other much and then as the years went on our families became real close now she is the only one I can honestly say that if I called she would come no matter what was going on inher life.   anyway I decided to make her a crinoline picture. I have done alot for the family over the years but haven't done any for about 10 years now. they are alot of work and so expensive to get framed but they are something that can be passed on over the generations. 
She is meant to  come by today and pick which picture she would like. it usually takes about 2 months to work them so she will get it late but she will get it!!here is some pics of the ones Ive done before I have all the ones I did for my mother stored int he closet for my son when he gets his own place.
well I have to go now hope everyone has a great week.
speak to you soon



  1. What a lovely idea, and so thoughtful too. I think it's a shame more gifts don't have these personal touches. Beautiful embroidery.

  2. Beautiful work stitched with love.