Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October Already!

Another month already! I am working on my winter quilt this week. I have half of the squares put together and hope to get the other half sewed today. I don't know how I'll work with my design board this time as I can't put it up in the livingroom because of puppies I will have to get my son to clean an area in his sitting room for me to use. (Might take a while to get that done!) I am trying to set a goal every week to work towards so far I have managed it . We got rid of all the exercise equipment in the livingroom and I now have a table set up permenantly with my machine on it. I am looking at my desk set in the kitchen area and trying to think How I can set up both so I can just swing my chair around and use either area. I might get that done this weekend If I can get the desk to fit in the space. I'll have to move the freezer anyhow as it has a small space in the back that Gizmo can fit into so it needs to be against a wall now.  I usually place cat bowls on it  for them to eat in peace but my sons bassett hound has figured out how to get to the bowls!!

well I need to get going or I'll never get to my sewing today!! Hope you all have a great sewing week.
see you next time.

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