Wednesday, October 17, 2012


October is nearly over!!I'm not nearly caught up enough for x-mas!!
I worked all day Monday and Tuesday finishing my sister-in-laws quilt. It went from a lapquilt to a king quilt for her bed!!
I ran out of blue for the back and the store was sold out of it so  I had to re dig in the stash and found a bolt of fabric I bought on a whim last month  who new it was going to jump out for the  quilt!!! It is perfect for the back along with some blue it picks up a lot of the different  colors on the front of the quilt. I remembered though why I said  NO MORE BEDSPREADS!!!! I don't have enough room to sew them or lay them out properly.  Usually my quilter is nice enough to put the backs together for me but I didn't like to ask her to do the king size one. Hopefully my husband will drop it off to her by the end of the week!

Daisy is doing great now. she has the all clear from the vet and she got her cone off. She is playing with the other dogs now like nothing is different!  We had a good laugh the other week  the neighbour came over to talk to my husband while we were working in the back yard. He was all upset about this dog that he saw that was being abused he couldn't remember where he saw it but he thought it was terrible that someone would let a dog go around with a lampshade stuck to its head!.

Yup, It was our dog Daisy with the vet cone on her head!!! The poor man thought she was stuck and left like that!!!!  Here is a pic of her getting back at the cone she tore it all to pieces.

I finished two more Country Cottage blocks

 and sewed the last part of the wall quilts. I need to sit down and re do my x-mas list to see what I actually need. I have baby quilt half done as well but that one I have a little time to get done.  after today I am putting EVERYTHING  aside until I finish the Crinoline I really really need to get it done this year!!!!LOL

I got my material in the mail yesterday for  the Winter Blog land quilt  I am not making it until I have all the pattern though so I can make it all at once.

I picked the tulips to make on Esthers quilt I have gotten behind three blocks now but two are all cut and turned  and pinned  so catch up shouldn't be too bad.

Well I will go now and get some more done I have a roast beef to cook today for supper so I won't get much done in the afternoon.
MY sons girlfriend is celebrating her 21st today so we won't see him until tomorrow by the time he gets home we will be in bed!!

Hope you all have a great week
speak to you soon



  1. that is a great quilt you are making for your SIL. My quilts sometimes 'grow' while in process, too :)

  2. Your quilt turned out great. I am sure it will be well loved. Nice feeling to get it done I am sure.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like the quilt and think the blue will blend nicely. What kind of pattern is that? Love it. I like those cottage blocks too. Have fun on that winter quilt. It's the season to sew.