Friday, December 21, 2012


Well were still here!!!  My son says we are really in the afterlife and don't know it!!!

I hope everyone is having a great Pre Christmas time!!!  Yesterday I was finally feeling better and decided to clean the house good before everyone was off for the holidays.  Then I started my x-mas baking.

  I thought I had enough done until Hubby came home and had to taste test everything. I finally put the boxes in the other room and shut the door to stop him eating it all!! He is a diabetic and should not be snacking on all that sugar!!   Today I will have to package the cookies up on individual  plates and wrap for the gifts then I will see what I need to make for the next week for around the house.!  I still have all the peanut butter pies to make but I need to see when Hubby is going to his parents house so he can bring them with him.  He will go and stay over night  with them and come back the next day sometime that way he can spend some good quality time with them.  I have to stay here and take care of the animals plus my health makes it hard to go out to any ones house for extended visits. I tried new medicines this past week and it looked like it was going to work for me finally then they messed up the liver and kidneys again  and I ended up flat on my back in bed for four days until they wore off.  Can you say was not a happy camper.  I had to stop all my meds  until I got better now I have to start adding them again one at a time. A Real pain.  Any how  enough of that!!!

We do have some sad news to share for those of you who have been patient with me this year as I talked about Moms Missy, she went to heaven to be with mom Monday 10th. When Hubby took me to Dr's  Kyle(my son) took her to the vet. She was starting to be in a lot of pain and failing badly She has been greatly missed I was so used to her sitting with me all the time.

I  started  my block book hope to get it done to use for making the dear jane quilt.

I have managed to finish a few bom blocks that I was behind on and I have started to get the final batch ready  for applique. I have 3 country junktion ,3 Esthers forget me knots1 raspberry rabbit, 1 country cottage, 1 funky chicken left to do.  I hope to get to my light box to help me get Esthers blocks caught up over the x-mas week. I am hoping santa remembers to get me a strip light to go under it!!

Santa did bring me  new area rugs for the living room just in time for the cold weather!! He also brought my hubby a reclining message chair for the living room but the elves still have to figure out how to put it together!!!

 Oh and the frame came for the crinoline picture. it is 28x28  I didn't realize it was so big until I measured for the frame.  We will get it done next week and I will post a picture of it all done for everyone to see.  My friend is so excited to finally be getting it!! I told her I would make sure she got it before New Years!!

I have had a great time this month looking at everyone's posts I have also found a lot  and I do mean a lot !! of new projects for 2013.  I told myself that this next year I was only going to work on ufos and until then nothing else  well..... you all know how that works out!!! Maybe if I took all of January and Feb I could get projects done and then catch up on the boms that are starting but I hate  getting behind on any of them!!!

The weather here is cold now, not as cold as other people are getting!! but to us it is cold!  I snapped these pictures of my babies yesterday as I got them in their shirts for the cold afternoon. I didn't want to put the heater up yet and they were shivering so on with the clothes!!! poor princess she acts like I'm punishing her but after she gets it on she won't let you take it off!!!

Daisy stealing snacks!

Maggie and Cletus! (can you believe he is only around 5 months?)

Princess "Do I have to wear this?"

Gizmo  If I stay real quite she might not find me!!

Well I hope everyone has a Happy  Christmas  and a great New Year.
From everyone at the Thornton House hold Many  Blessings !!

Jennifer and Family

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