Wednesday, October 31, 2012



October over only two more months of this year  I HAVEN'T GOTTEN X-MAS GIFTS DONE YET!!

Well this week has been something  hasn't it. I have family all along the eastern seaboard  thankfully they have all checked in now and are all safe. Trees and yard damage and minor home damage but no injuries.which is the main thing.  The pictures coming out of the north today are awful I would say the death toll will be a lot higher when it is all said and done.  Prayers for those of you who have family and friends in these areas.

Well I actually got a lot done this week while watching news I guess the more nervous you get the better your hands move!!   I finished one puff on the crinoline and started work on the bottom of the dress. today's goal is to finish the bottom on that side and the middle of the bottom then set hoop for tomorrow on the other puff and side. I hope to finish it this weekend so here's hoping!! 

On Sunday my husband  cut out my template's  and  sanded them down for  a few of my quilt patterns they are ones I plan on working on by the end of the year and next year.

I caught up some more bom blocks  and have started the magnolia block on Esther's forget me knots

bought ink for my printer and put it in so I could get the boms for october printed out. Then I traced the patterns onto freezer paper but that is as far as I got. If I put them on material I will want to cut and starch them and if I starch them I will want to pin them and if I pin them I will HAVE  to sew them!!! Yup then I won't get my crinoline worked on!!!!!!

Yesterday I stopped work and gave three of the dogs a bath (now that is procastination!!)  Only two more dogs to bath but they are so big they are hard to get in and out of tub on my own. Hopefully son will get them done this weekend.

can you believe this is Cletus already here is a before and after pic!He came to us on the 8th of July and this is him now nearly 5 MONTHS old !!!~

Well I had better get a move on now or I will not get anything  done today!!
Hope you all have a nice week and will write again next week.!!
Be safe


  1. Wow you have been busy and our ladies dress is growing, this is going to be beautiful. Who's sofa has he taken over?????? That is some big dog, just as well you have a large section out side for him to romp around????? Cheers Glenda

  2. looks like you have lost your sofa to your best friend now