Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hi everyone!

Well been busy this week working on my crinoline.
 I didn't get my set goal done but I came close!!  I hope to have it completed  by next WIP day so here's hoping!!!   This weekend my husband made me a light box!! I asked him to buy me one at the store on his way home from work , he didn't like the price so he said he would make one at the weekend. I wondered if he actually would or not but on Sunday he dug out his tools and  got going.. I still need to get one more strip light for it that is brighter than the one he stole from my utility room!!  I had one at the doorway  so I can turn on a light before going across the floor to the switch by the outside door. now I use a broom handle to reach the switch !!1 ( we have the cat litter box in there and the old cat can't climb in it good sometimes!)  Have to watch were you step!!!
I finished up Esters Hibiscus block  and started to work on the magnolia block.

I have been ordering some civil war fabric to start on a Dear Jane quilt at the start of the year the material must be real popular as I  am having a hard time wining the bids on ebay!!

well not much else here this week Oh our ac unit went down again! so were back to fans window unit and then portable heaters for the rooms might get the repair man this week but we will see what we decide to do.  we were thinking of going to look at new mobile homes this weekend and trading this one in but not now after the election. Our place is paid in full already so really don't want to chance a house note at the moment. maybe in another 4 years we can get one !!

well I hope you all have a great week speak to you  next WIP!!



  1. Jennifer that dress is unbelievable. Soooooooo many hours of tiny tiny stitches. It needs to be framed not used?????? Cheers Glenda

  2. Your FMN blocks are beautiful. And that crinoline - oh my!!
    Thanks for sharing, Jennifer.