Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Holiday week!! I have so much still to do today I doubt I will get it all done!!
Both Hubby and Son are off for the rest of the week starting tomorrow so I need to gt a move on and finish some projects today!.  I have a lap quilt started for my sons girlfriend for x-mas I need to have it ready for the quilter by this weekend doubt that will happen but I will try!!  this was a pattern for a jelly roll quilt off of  you tube video.  It was to be nice and easy and fast  note I say was to be!!!!LOL!!   

Yup even with pictures I still messed up!  I was  going good the one day then picked it up for them coming home at night and took it out the next day to continue.  I had all the strips sew together and ironed  but I forgot I was meant to put one of each together and sew down each side to make a tube  BEFORE I cut the triangles  thats right I did both set of strips triangle by triangle then had to sew the parts together so this cost me an extra day sewing and  the squares didn't come out cut as good  so now I have to square up and get them ready to sew into rows today (after I find somewhere to lay it out to design it color wise!!)

This is the area I have left for my crafts it all got moved around at the weekend as my son looked for things in his room but he never put it back so now I  have to re sort everything and clean before I can get my work done!!

I have finished sewing the one flower on esthers block need to work with the light box to get the next pieces pinned on after I get this one done I need to  get my other bom blocks put on material and ready for applique so I can have a stack ready to sew again in my to go box  I have my other prepared ones all done now except this one  so I really need to get my self moving.

This morning I have to  write x-mas cards and get all  packages ready for the post office on friday or sat.
Kyle (my son ) says he will only go  once and mail them all as the lines will be long and he does not have the patience to stand in them!!  I have a -x-mas gift for an exchange to get finished and then that should be the last.

I signed up to  make 2 -6inch  knitted or crochet squares each month for an exchange. I haven't knitted in years This morning I remember why!!!   My poor ribs hurt Hubby was not pleased with me!!  then I found out the square I finished last night was too big I should have put my glasses on to read the tape!!! I had to rip it all out and start it again today~   I couldn't find my container to hold my wool and the cats  and dogs kept attacking me!  I tried to put it into a cardboard box with a hole in the top but the box was too shallow  I will have to get a bag out of the closed and try that instead today.. 
well I had better get a move on and walk away from this computer!! 
Hope you all have a great week and for those of you state side Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. Well there's nothing like a Christmas project at the end of November to get us started!

    Love the idea of a block exchange, but knitting is so addictive and I have so many quilting WIPs... love your magnolia block, it's coming along beautifully.