Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Well here we are at the end of November ! Things have finally slowed down here. I need to get my x-mas things out of the closet  and see what I actually have ready for gifts but I look at the closet and close the door again!!  This weekend I will have the house to my self as my son is going off to another car show out of town so I will dig out the gifts and the decorations at the same time!!

I have spent the first part of this week getting all my bom blocks caught up ready to sew. I have  esthers blocks left to get ready this week  but I want to spend a little more time on hers and get the colors right.  I'm not too happy with my last two blocks I think I will have to go back later and add some embelishments to some of the blocks  but I will see when I put them together. Maybe they will look better once I have the borders on to brighten the pale colors. I can't wait to get the quilt put together.

I started a lap quilt for my sons girlfriend for x-mas but she wanted sneakers  so I got that instead. I might still give her the quilt if I get it done before the end of december but I won't rush it now. I got all my packages and cards mailed last friday  well I thought I did but I messed up with one data base so making anther x-mas exchange gift this week and will get it mailed hopefully this weekend!!  I have it all ready to sew then I have the embroidery to do on it  before I can put it all together. I can't show a picture as I don't know if she reads the blogs!! Its a surprise!!!  I will post after the holidays  I actually wouldn't have minded making one like it for my self!!!  Funny how the rushed things come out the best !!!

Esther I hope your cleaning is going good!! I loved the flowers that you did for this month my dilema
I love both carnations and daffodil have special meaning in our family so I think I will have to make one for the quilt and one for a wall hanging!!

Oh I did make a few mug rugs as well for x-mas .

well  hope you all have a great week !!


  1. All your blocks are wonderful, have fun sorting out gifts, and enjoy the quiet time.

  2. You have lots of BoMs on the go. The blocks look great. You seem to be on top of the gifts. Well done.