Wednesday, October 10, 2012

wip 10.10.12

Hi everyone!  I have been up since 2 am this morning got up to let the dogs out to bathroom and couldn't get back to bed!!  Tried sleeping on couch but my mind wouldn't shut back down!! It's days like this that I wish we had a house house and not a mobile home.!! I  can't make too much noise or the others will all wake up and boy will I get in trouble!! 
I closed off the bedroom door and cleaned my kitchen ,put dishes away and re loaded machine  had two cups of tea already and made all the lunches so I'm really ahead of myself. waiting for the alarms to go off to get the men off to work then I can sew the rest of the day hopefully.

Worked on my Raspberry Rabbits   as you can see I sewed them together and then saw I missed the border so I had to rip it apart and add the color strip! I have one more block to catch up and that is the October one.
My son took this picture the other day Perfect for Halloween desktop!!
It is my husband  sitting with maggie,cletus,princess,and diasy!

We cleared up some more of the back yard this weekend only a few more damaged trees to be taken down.
The old chicken pens are gone now and the yard looks empty.  Then My Hubby fixed my sewing desk in the kitchen again so I can work in there I can't put up my big folding table in the livingroom any more to sew as Daisy will trip on the cords I got some sewing done the other day but it will take a bit to get used to sitting in there again! 
Today I plan (notice I say plan!) to finish putting together my sister in laws quilt so heres hoping!! then I will see about getting the next group of boms ready to sew I have one more to finish then I can get back to Esthers over the weekend I have my tv shows all planned and the lap top ready to go football season you got to love it!!
I ordered material this morning for a new bom from Ellies it is called winter in blogland I decided to wait to start it when I have all the directions printed. I have so many others going now I dont think I can take on another at the moment!!  X-MAS IS NEARLY HERE!!!!! can you hear my screams and hair pulling!!
I don't think I will make my deadlines for gifts!! some might have to wait until next christmas to get theirs!!

Well I hope you all have a great week. Oh I almost forgot my Grandmother got back into her apartment  on monday. they finished the remodel of her kitchen and it is wednseday now and they carers still haven't let her toddle over to the doorway and look at her new kitchen. may be this weekend my cousin will walk her to the doorway.

well have a great one./



  1. Those raspberry rabbits are very cute.

  2. Jennifer -- you did a great job on those rabbits! And love the colorful birds as well.

    Funny you didn't sleep last night -- neither did I or my two sisters, Janet and Michele -- we were all up (in separate houses and states -- and Janet in Cananda) from 2am on... until early this morning.

    I thought it was odd that you had the same problem...
    Hopefully better sleep tonight.