Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Another Week ! This year is almost over/. It is going so fast now I don't think I will ever catch up on my boms and obligations for this year!!

I didn't get a whole lot done this past week our baby girl Daisy  went completely blind on thursday morning .
we all went out to get the mail and she used the restroom on the way back to the porch I noticed the other dogs crowding her up the steps and then once in the house she started to walk into walls. I looked at her and her eye was completly swollen and white/blue.  I called my son home from work and he took her to the vet  they said  the eye couldn't be saved so we operated on friday morning really didn't know whether to put her through being blind or not but the vet convinced us that she was young enough to adjust her second eye didn't last long from the first surgery not even two months so much for up to three years. after the surgery they told us the eye must have been already going so she would already be partially used to being blind. 
It;s amazing what a few days can do. she is going up and down the porch steps herself running around the front yard and climbing up onto the couch and the bed!  we cleaned the house from one end to the other before she came home and blind proofed it. we did pretty good only a couple of things we had to fix for her. we got rid of the old couch as it was a reliner one and got a temporary futon couch from walmarts. can't use the recliner now as she can get hit in face with the corners of the foot piece. My family thinks its great now I cant move the furniture around anymore! 

Well lets see I have made a baby cover for a car carrier and a small pillow for the car seat for a baby shower. I didn't have time to finish the floor quilt so I bought some baby shampoos and things to go in with it.

then I worked on my sister-in-laws quilt

Did a little embroidery on my crinoline finished the hat and started on the bust.
and I finally finished one of the bom blocks from the other months.
That has been about all that I have completed hopefully over the weekend I will get some more hand sewing caught up I need to get Esthers last two months completed I have then ready to sew and all pinned on just have to get to them in the pile!  It's bad I had to start a plastic box with all the ready to sew projects as I got too many of them!! I was doing so good there for awhile as well!!  As for the house a day quilt well.........

yup It hit the  UFO pile!! maybe next year!! 

Well I hope everyone has a great week, It's almost Halloween  I have to remember to put treats on the shopping list for the kids.
Oh I nearly forgot My son Kyle and his girlfriend of two years had their pictures taken and this is the one they gave me
and this is one of the other ones that they used for facebook
She will be 21 yrs this month and he will be 21 yrs in feb 2013

Have a safe week.



  1. Jennifer -- thanks for the nice post on my blog!

    I was reading about Daisy and admiring your WIP's. I'm glad to hear the little girl is up and about !

    And all those WIP -- they are darling ! Esp love the baby car cover. How neat! That embroidery is darling as well.

    Have a wonderful day !

  2. Oh Jennifer I love that crinoline lady, my Grandmother use to have these on her dressers!!!!!! that 50 years plus ago!!!!!!! So lovely to see them coming back in to vog. Enjoyed your blog so much today, and so happy that the wee member of the family is back on her feet again. How my family would love it if I could not move the funiture too!!!!! Hugs Glenda

  3. Sorry to hear about Daisy, but glad to know she is adjusting. Lovely WIP - yes the year is getting away from us. Thanks for sharing.