Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hi everyone!
Been as slow slow week this week!  I have a good laugh for you this morning.
I make lunches for my husband and son at 4 am every morning as I get them out the door. Well we have been getting micro meal lately for something different than sandwiches. of course they don't like the same ones so they have to be marked to give the right ones !  Well yesterday at lunch time I got a texted message from my son mad at me "Why did I bother to mark my meals mom if you still give me the wrong ones!"
needless to say I wasn't very pleased with him as I Know I checked before I pulled them from the I wrote him back to that affect. then I got this message and photo back from him  (You have to love technology!!)

Yup I sent the wrong one! the letter K I thought I saw was a pair of scissors on the box!!! I guess I need my glasses in the mornings!!!

I have been working a little this week on my sister-in-laws quilt but have alot to go yet  and worked on some hand sewing but mostly I got the new boms blocks for this month ready for applique.  I have all the material cut out and turned and pinned the only one I have left to do is Esthers forget me knot for this month. I have the pattern traced to freezer paper but I haven't picked my material yet hopefully I will get to that today.
Well I hope everyone has a great week and happy sewing!!


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  1. Well any mum who gets up at 4am to make her sons lunch deserves a medal, your son should get his own lunches for a few months or buy them and may be then Mum will appreciated??????? But I guess he will grow up one day and realise how wonderful you are. Cheers Glenda