Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jan 10th 2012

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if I would get to blog today we lost internet due to storms yesterday and they hadn't gotten it fixed until a few mins ago!  I got alot of odd work done today.  I decided after reading alot of e-mails from different groups that even though I had backed up my bom files I had better  do it again somewhere else just in case!  then I decided while I was at it to sort all quilt patterns to make sure I had all the same quilt in each folder!!  that was fun!  I realized that over time I had  printed some saved some and lost some for different quilts!!what should have taken 30 mins or so took all day! 

then I decided to sort them on my shelf in the binders so I could find the ones for ufos to be finished and ones for new boms I had saved and wanted to do this year . needless to say I found a bunch more that I would love to do I will have to really sort and decide what can and can't be done this year!

on sunday my son came in and asked to use some quilt material for his truck. needless to say the only material that matched his truck was the expensive one!  we ended up covering panels for his door

well time to get swupper ready. I have been working on my crinoline as well I had outlined the bushes and cottage but my husband and son both asked me when I was filling them in so I decided I had to fill them in. Just as well it looked better but I haven't figured out how I will fill in the bushes at the bottom of the cottage I will have to go back to that part later .

Well I have to go hope you all have a great week.
Until next wedensday  Happy sewing!

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