Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This week has gone by fast!  I haven't got much done this week. I have been busy cutting material for different boms and ordering material to finsih ufos.  I had to tell DH what I had done as I spent too much in one week. I was surprised he just laughed and said he had already put extra aside for this week as he saw me looking!! I guess that will be my aniversary gift!  I need to sort through what has come in already and put it with the proper project box.  I decided I have to cut back on what I will do this year for boms as I gathered too many!  I am doing  Esther's one  this time can't wait to see what material I will need for it. and then a few easier applique bocks ones that if I get behind I can catch up fast!  I am making small wall quilts for x-mas gifts this year I decided I woulod do that instead of buying gifts from store, more personal. If I start next month I might be able to get them all done!!

I wanted to start early today and get some of my quilting things done but I'm still in nightgown and I made the mistake of turning on the lights early and looking at my house!!  I guess I need to take a few hours this morning and get it all cleaned and scrubbed then I can work away for the rest of the week!
DH is working  16 hours today so I don't have to cook as he will get feed there and my son is on nights so I will have the place to myself.! Tv and sewing all evening!! maybe even a glass  or two of wine to helpo the evening along!!  well I hope you all have a great week.  speak to you soon
Jennifer from Texas

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  1. Oh Jennifer, what a blissful evening ahead of you, wish I could get some of them with just me and my sewing, ah well maybe next week