Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1.25.12 WIP

MOrning Ladies,

Well today is our 26th aniversary! I was hoping DH would be able to take the day off but they called him to work this morning as weather meant to be bad. So I will sew and clean instead! But I will get a steak dinner tonight so that will be good.

Lets see this week I finished cutting pieces for a year supply of some templets for the house a day block and then started to put the ones I'm behind on together I got two done only another 23 to catch up! I am sewing them by hand so it is taking me awhile as I  am having a hard time seeing the needle to thread!
I finally got my moms old magnier that you wear around your neck and put that on. It worked! I can't show a picture of the blocks as the lady hosting the bod asked that they not be shown until the end of the year.
I  have also been working on my embroidery picture. I have been setting a goal each day to get doneon it and have managed o get the house completed and most of the flowers. today the goal is the fence
so we will see.
Yesterday I finished getting my first funky chicken block ready to sew on I have cut all the back ground blocks and all the sashing just left the borders to do later.  I will get it sewed today . I could have screamed after I cut the good material as I realized I did it again  yup reversed the pattern!! I always forget to turn the paper over so I trace it going the right direction!! Oh well they will just have to all look the wrong way! I'm not wasting the material! I think this morning I will have to move the chicken over some on the block  looking at the picture he doesnt seem  centered right. My DH gave me a purple paisly scrap bag with attacheable pin cushion for my aniversary it will be perfect for the hand sewing this year.  I need to get a move on  now the storm is getting closer- so will probably loose the internet again.  Hope you all have a great week. 



  1. My goodness Jennifer your house is amazing, and I do think your funky chicken is VERY funky and who is to say which way they should face??? He may be going instead of coming!!!!! Cheers Glenda

  2. Love the funky chicken, don't worry most of my appliques are facing the wrong way as I forget to reverse haha.

  3. Happy anniversary! And I love your embroidery looks like! It is beautiful! A hug!