Wednesday, April 16, 2014



It's been awhile since I last posted time has just got away from me lately!!

I haven't been doing much machine sewing at all this year taking a break and doing more hand sewing .

I Have been working on Red Brolly Wish quilt nearly have the embroidery blocks done still have a few to go but hopefully int he next month will have it ready to put quilt together.
I have nearly finished the next block will post when it is done.

I have also done some cross stitch pictures  nice and relaxing well unless I have to un do sections!!LOL

I have my things all ready now for the LE quilt I have the compass done already and all the other parts printed off  trying to get the wish quilt done first so I can work just on LE straight through.

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend  hoping to have a BBQ and get some work done around here but we will see..

  Bye for now

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  1. I also find hand work relaxing. Your wish block is gorgeous.