Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Another month nearly over !  I realized today that it has been nearly  6 months since I have actually quilted quilted!  I think it is time to get back to it again.  

We finally got the spare bathroom completed it was pretty much a complete gut floors walls and tub/shower area. so glad the hurricane damage is finally finished we should be ashamed of ourselves it took us this long to get to it!! But at least it is now done. Hubby did a wonderful job on the woodwork in here. We now just have the Hallway ti re-paint and trim up and the kitchen floor to be re done.  still hoping to get that done this year but we will see.

We had a nice Memorial Day weekend.  We BBQ on Saturday and did yard work and house work
M son went to the store on Saturday and picked up a pool for us this year it is 22 ft round and 52" tall. On Sunday we boiled craw fish and fried shrimp. Monday we spent  getting the ground in the front ready to place it down and then set it up  we wanted to put it in the back yard but no fence and the nieghbours have small children for the summer we didn't want to chance them getting in the pool when no one was around so this year the front yard it is!  

After it was put up and we started filling it we found a small  hole in the lining!  it was decided by all that a patch kit for underwater repair would have to be used !!!  I did call the company and reported the damaged one they are sending out a new liner for us so we will store that one until the  other is no use!!

Craft wise I managed to get May Calendar Girl done and  my surprise picture I got from Beach Cottage Stitchers   for my birthday. 

My Husband made a path in the sitting room yesterday for me so I can finally get to my material again!  found my Love Entwined box and dragged it to the livingroom now to get  some of my smaller material pieces together so I can finally get started on it again!!

I nearly forgot here are some pictures of the ponds my son is making for me still has a lot of work to do on them but  they are a fit in job!!
Well I'd better go and finish getting washing done so I can put water back on to fill pool!! Hope you all have a great week.


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