Wednesday, October 31, 2012



October over only two more months of this year  I HAVEN'T GOTTEN X-MAS GIFTS DONE YET!!

Well this week has been something  hasn't it. I have family all along the eastern seaboard  thankfully they have all checked in now and are all safe. Trees and yard damage and minor home damage but no injuries.which is the main thing.  The pictures coming out of the north today are awful I would say the death toll will be a lot higher when it is all said and done.  Prayers for those of you who have family and friends in these areas.

Well I actually got a lot done this week while watching news I guess the more nervous you get the better your hands move!!   I finished one puff on the crinoline and started work on the bottom of the dress. today's goal is to finish the bottom on that side and the middle of the bottom then set hoop for tomorrow on the other puff and side. I hope to finish it this weekend so here's hoping!! 

On Sunday my husband  cut out my template's  and  sanded them down for  a few of my quilt patterns they are ones I plan on working on by the end of the year and next year.

I caught up some more bom blocks  and have started the magnolia block on Esther's forget me knots

bought ink for my printer and put it in so I could get the boms for october printed out. Then I traced the patterns onto freezer paper but that is as far as I got. If I put them on material I will want to cut and starch them and if I starch them I will want to pin them and if I pin them I will HAVE  to sew them!!! Yup then I won't get my crinoline worked on!!!!!!

Yesterday I stopped work and gave three of the dogs a bath (now that is procastination!!)  Only two more dogs to bath but they are so big they are hard to get in and out of tub on my own. Hopefully son will get them done this weekend.

can you believe this is Cletus already here is a before and after pic!He came to us on the 8th of July and this is him now nearly 5 MONTHS old !!!~

Well I had better get a move on now or I will not get anything  done today!!
Hope you all have a nice week and will write again next week.!!
Be safe

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hi everyone!!
It's nearly Halloween!  I still need to get candy from the store I will have to remember to get it on thursday and stash it this time!! the last bags disappeared!

I haven't gotten much done this week at least variety wise. I have been determined to get my Crinoline picture done by the end of the month.  I am trying to plan section by section  today I have to finish the left  side poof and start on the right side so here's hoping!! I found a few movies on netflix and put them in the list for instant watching so after I catch up on my dvr shows I will watch one. Both  husband and son are working late tonight so will be a long day.

 Here is a picture of the crinoline so far
Having computer problems today so I will go have a great week!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


October is nearly over!!I'm not nearly caught up enough for x-mas!!
I worked all day Monday and Tuesday finishing my sister-in-laws quilt. It went from a lapquilt to a king quilt for her bed!!
I ran out of blue for the back and the store was sold out of it so  I had to re dig in the stash and found a bolt of fabric I bought on a whim last month  who new it was going to jump out for the  quilt!!! It is perfect for the back along with some blue it picks up a lot of the different  colors on the front of the quilt. I remembered though why I said  NO MORE BEDSPREADS!!!! I don't have enough room to sew them or lay them out properly.  Usually my quilter is nice enough to put the backs together for me but I didn't like to ask her to do the king size one. Hopefully my husband will drop it off to her by the end of the week!

Daisy is doing great now. she has the all clear from the vet and she got her cone off. She is playing with the other dogs now like nothing is different!  We had a good laugh the other week  the neighbour came over to talk to my husband while we were working in the back yard. He was all upset about this dog that he saw that was being abused he couldn't remember where he saw it but he thought it was terrible that someone would let a dog go around with a lampshade stuck to its head!.

Yup, It was our dog Daisy with the vet cone on her head!!! The poor man thought she was stuck and left like that!!!!  Here is a pic of her getting back at the cone she tore it all to pieces.

I finished two more Country Cottage blocks

 and sewed the last part of the wall quilts. I need to sit down and re do my x-mas list to see what I actually need. I have baby quilt half done as well but that one I have a little time to get done.  after today I am putting EVERYTHING  aside until I finish the Crinoline I really really need to get it done this year!!!!LOL

I got my material in the mail yesterday for  the Winter Blog land quilt  I am not making it until I have all the pattern though so I can make it all at once.

I picked the tulips to make on Esthers quilt I have gotten behind three blocks now but two are all cut and turned  and pinned  so catch up shouldn't be too bad.

Well I will go now and get some more done I have a roast beef to cook today for supper so I won't get much done in the afternoon.
MY sons girlfriend is celebrating her 21st today so we won't see him until tomorrow by the time he gets home we will be in bed!!

Hope you all have a great week
speak to you soon


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

wip 10.10.12

Hi everyone!  I have been up since 2 am this morning got up to let the dogs out to bathroom and couldn't get back to bed!!  Tried sleeping on couch but my mind wouldn't shut back down!! It's days like this that I wish we had a house house and not a mobile home.!! I  can't make too much noise or the others will all wake up and boy will I get in trouble!! 
I closed off the bedroom door and cleaned my kitchen ,put dishes away and re loaded machine  had two cups of tea already and made all the lunches so I'm really ahead of myself. waiting for the alarms to go off to get the men off to work then I can sew the rest of the day hopefully.

Worked on my Raspberry Rabbits   as you can see I sewed them together and then saw I missed the border so I had to rip it apart and add the color strip! I have one more block to catch up and that is the October one.
My son took this picture the other day Perfect for Halloween desktop!!
It is my husband  sitting with maggie,cletus,princess,and diasy!

We cleared up some more of the back yard this weekend only a few more damaged trees to be taken down.
The old chicken pens are gone now and the yard looks empty.  Then My Hubby fixed my sewing desk in the kitchen again so I can work in there I can't put up my big folding table in the livingroom any more to sew as Daisy will trip on the cords I got some sewing done the other day but it will take a bit to get used to sitting in there again! 
Today I plan (notice I say plan!) to finish putting together my sister in laws quilt so heres hoping!! then I will see about getting the next group of boms ready to sew I have one more to finish then I can get back to Esthers over the weekend I have my tv shows all planned and the lap top ready to go football season you got to love it!!
I ordered material this morning for a new bom from Ellies it is called winter in blogland I decided to wait to start it when I have all the directions printed. I have so many others going now I dont think I can take on another at the moment!!  X-MAS IS NEARLY HERE!!!!! can you hear my screams and hair pulling!!
I don't think I will make my deadlines for gifts!! some might have to wait until next christmas to get theirs!!

Well I hope you all have a great week. Oh I almost forgot my Grandmother got back into her apartment  on monday. they finished the remodel of her kitchen and it is wednseday now and they carers still haven't let her toddle over to the doorway and look at her new kitchen. may be this weekend my cousin will walk her to the doorway.

well have a great one./


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Another Week ! This year is almost over/. It is going so fast now I don't think I will ever catch up on my boms and obligations for this year!!

I didn't get a whole lot done this past week our baby girl Daisy  went completely blind on thursday morning .
we all went out to get the mail and she used the restroom on the way back to the porch I noticed the other dogs crowding her up the steps and then once in the house she started to walk into walls. I looked at her and her eye was completly swollen and white/blue.  I called my son home from work and he took her to the vet  they said  the eye couldn't be saved so we operated on friday morning really didn't know whether to put her through being blind or not but the vet convinced us that she was young enough to adjust her second eye didn't last long from the first surgery not even two months so much for up to three years. after the surgery they told us the eye must have been already going so she would already be partially used to being blind. 
It;s amazing what a few days can do. she is going up and down the porch steps herself running around the front yard and climbing up onto the couch and the bed!  we cleaned the house from one end to the other before she came home and blind proofed it. we did pretty good only a couple of things we had to fix for her. we got rid of the old couch as it was a reliner one and got a temporary futon couch from walmarts. can't use the recliner now as she can get hit in face with the corners of the foot piece. My family thinks its great now I cant move the furniture around anymore! 

Well lets see I have made a baby cover for a car carrier and a small pillow for the car seat for a baby shower. I didn't have time to finish the floor quilt so I bought some baby shampoos and things to go in with it.

then I worked on my sister-in-laws quilt

Did a little embroidery on my crinoline finished the hat and started on the bust.
and I finally finished one of the bom blocks from the other months.
That has been about all that I have completed hopefully over the weekend I will get some more hand sewing caught up I need to get Esthers last two months completed I have then ready to sew and all pinned on just have to get to them in the pile!  It's bad I had to start a plastic box with all the ready to sew projects as I got too many of them!! I was doing so good there for awhile as well!!  As for the house a day quilt well.........

yup It hit the  UFO pile!! maybe next year!! 

Well I hope everyone has a great week, It's almost Halloween  I have to remember to put treats on the shopping list for the kids.
Oh I nearly forgot My son Kyle and his girlfriend of two years had their pictures taken and this is the one they gave me
and this is one of the other ones that they used for facebook
She will be 21 yrs this month and he will be 21 yrs in feb 2013

Have a safe week.