Wednesday, September 5, 2012



What a month this has already been!!  I swear if I didn't have rotton luck I wouldn't have any!!!
We will have to be very careful this next New Year to see who is our first footer!!

My husband was off from Friday until Tuesday for Labor Day weekend. We had so much planned. L.O.L

You guessed it nothing went accordingly!!!

Went to get the title and regestration don on all the vehicles only got the tags for one done. Son had to take off work early to get his title work filled out and go back with it. Husband had to go to his parents house 2 hour drive one way to get his title work completed!! He planned to stay the night there and son went to Spring Texas with friends for the night. Should have been a nice quite night right!! Had my bath with lovely bubbles and a glass of wine read a few chapters of my book then went to bed.
About two hours later my little Gizmo woke me and the girls ( dogs and cats!!) up barking and nipping me.
I turned my light on and the room was filled with smoke and the smell was awful. The blower motor on my A/c unit caught fire and the fire alarms went off a few minutes later. Had to have the fire department to the trailer and the neighbour came and helped me with the animals. Luckily it was just the motor and the fumes were sucked through the trailer. So I had to call my husband and tell him to come home in case it caught up again. I was here with no car  of course!!Kyle came home as well.

My husband took the blower apart himself and they ordered the parts couldn't get them until tuesday.
So we had to put the  window units back in but only one still worked. Luckily my friend had her small one for hurricane time and let us borrow it for the bedroom.

It gets better!

Saturday night my Husband goes to his friends down the road for beer and to play pool. Thought I would have a quite night this time. went to bed got up at 11 when I realized he wasn't home yet. Let the dogs out to bathroom and a creature ran in the house!!  It was only about 2 inches long but It was weird looking!!
I thought I had a lizard and I went chasing it down the hall wall (I didn't have my glasses on!) When I caught up to it I saw it had spikes all over it and a whipping tail with a spike like a scorpion thank goodness I didn't catch it in my hands!! I still don't know what kind of critter it was! I of course made the mistake of calling down to my husband and asking if it was safe to pick i t up. Yup the men thought it was hillarious. So down to the house they all come (don't know how they could even walk to get here!!) and I had three grown men looking all through the hall to find it. They found it , Left it and ran!!! They didn't know what it was either but
the tail kept trying to strike  them . Guess I wasn't so dumb after all.!
Happily I found it have eaten the next day in the cats area they caught it and killed it.

The next morning I go to the fridge to get milk out and the fridge was warm. You got it  the fridge went out!!
So we had to find a fridge as my one was filled with groceries. we just shopped the other day and had a bunch of meat in it as we planned a bbq.  Out came the ice chests and down to the store for ice my son went.
A short time later we get a call Dad come get me my tires are flat...................  Mind you not one tire oh no three!
He went through a section of road where an accident had happend and bust three tires!
So now we had to find a fridge and three new tires!!~ and Ac parts  .
In stepped the neighbours and family so they helped us get everything taken care of.
Yesterday the parts for the ac came  and my husband got it put back together. He woke me up  in the middle of the night wanting his quilt as he was cold!!

Yesterday was really a nice day I cleaned the house up re loaded the fridge and then was able to sit and finally get some hand applique done. I finished three more small wall tops for Grandma and started on the fourth only one more to go.

Then I can catch up on August BOMs and make a start on Septembers.  I haven't gotten any more of my Crinoline done either so I will really have to make myself sit and work on it this month.
Well I hope all of you have a great week  I hope maybe I gave some of you a laugh today ! If we don't take time to laugh at our disasters we might as well give up!! Speak to you all next week. Have fun Sewing!!


  1. Oh no, Jennifer I really feel for you. Sometimes it feels like nothing is going right for us ...but your string of luck is just ridiculous :(

    The only way is up now!And at least you can see the funny side of it and sneak in some sewing too. Hope you have a better week coming up

  2. On word and upward as my co worker says. Beautiful applique