Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Wow this week has gone by fast!!
I have actually gotten a lot done this past week. I decided to sort my wips to see what I still had to get done this year.  I have so much that I didn't get finished!! I need to sit today and make a new list !!! Don't you just love lists!@!

I made a set of cushion covers for my Aunt in Scotland and got them mailed I mailed a small wall quilt already to my Grandmother for a lady that  does her housework for her ( home help career) then another one for my cousin that has been very good about looking in on her for us. I thought I had finally finished  the overseas projects and could get a move on and catch up my crinoline for my friend when I got a call from Grandma to ask if I would make some more quilts as she thought of some others she would like to give gifts for !!! The total so far is 5 more wall quilts with her thinking of others over the next few days!!!

So I sat on monday from  6 am until 5 pm and dragged out all my project boxes and started cutting backings and batting to go with boms that I have from this year and then cut extra quilts for her and got them all ready to sew. by last night I finally got the applique caught up with the starch and turning ready to be sewn this weekend.  Today I need another cutting day to get three more quilts re cut  as she decided they can't be x-mas patterns!! she now wants year round quilts thank goodness they are mini quilts but I tell you I'm tired of looking at birdhouses !!!!I will have to dig for a different pattern for applique today!!

 I finished Esthers bom  block for July this week as well and have all the freezer paper drawn on but I haven't picked ,my material yet hopefully this week.  I have all my other boms blocks pinned and ready to hand sew now all in a box by my sitting chair hopefully there is some good movies on this weekend!!
Well I hope you all have a great week  and look forward to reading all your blogs!!

Have fun!

ps  I went to post pictures of my pillows and found I mailed them without taking a  picture of them!!


  1. Love your Grandma lol she will keep you busy. Love your wall hangings.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. how sweet of you to make quilts for your Grandmother to gift :) the morning glories are very pretty

  3. Those wall hangings are charming, I know what you mean about bird houses too! Your FMN block is lovely, you've really done a lot. Goodness, I feel so behind looking in on all these great WOW progress blog posts!