Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I have been busy this week, My husband has been working late hours so I have gotten a lot  of sewing done.
I worked on my mini quilts for this year and sewed them together.


x-mas gifts
x-mas gift

printed out my BOM so far this month and traced to freezer paper. today I hope to get them ready for sewing but we will see.

Then I have been working on the quilt for my brother and sister-in-law.  I have to cut more white strips today to finish the border then I will have to decide on what to put where !!

I made little beds for Gizmo to sleep on for the winter I promised her a while back to replace her little quilt after the big girls ruined it on her but I just now got to it!! I made a small mattress then a quilt for the basket then a small quilt for under her hidy hole  and an extra pillow for the floor. now I just need to get a move on and make some warm jackets for winter for them all. I never would have thought I would be putting coats on big dogs but we ended up with two dogs with hardly any hair and they really feel the cold and I don't want to have to keep going to the vet this winter!!


I have a pile of hand sewing ready for the weekend now. I can't use my machine during football so I have to have plenty of hand sewing to keep me going!! I have a small net book that I can sit and watch show on so I set it up on a table in front of me while I work with a pair of headphones ! that way I don't bother the husband!!works pretty good. well I hope you all have a great week.

Oh and my new used fridge works great now and the ac is fixed and works better than it did before!! waiting for a call back from the repair people for a price on the two bathrooms. I will be glad to get them fixed up finally. hopefully before x-mas then just the livingroom floor to be redone again this year  so we will see how it goes.



  1. You certainly have been busy. I love those mini quilts. Are they your design or from a pattern?

  2. Jennifer -- love the mini quilts -- they are darling. What is the name of the pattern ?

    Thanks for your nice post on my blog -- and thanks so much for Prayers for Paisley.

    Have a wonderful day.