Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I love wednesday mornings!! I'm sitting having a cup of tea and reading blogs! It's so relaxing after a hectic week.

Daisy and Maggie are doing great. Daisy had her eye removed and spayed  and Maggie was spayed as well.
Daisy is up and playing again now and dosen't even seem to realize it is gone.  Mind you she is extremely spoiled now!! I have been sitting in the bedroom most of the week with her  and the other furry family members If Daisy says lay down then lay down we go!! I will have to spend the next few months re adjusting her to who is boss!!

I have gotten a lot of hand sewing done this week. I am working on Esthers forget me knot from last month at the moment and I have the tracing done for this months I picked the magnolia to do. Esther I hope you are feeling some better now and thank you for putting out the blocks at the moment when you have been so ill.

I have completed two mini quilts and gotten them mailed to my grandmother in Scotland , pinned applique pieces to boms for this month all ready to sew.
Now to get my house tidied today and I can sit and watch tv shows and hand sew some more.
I hope everyone has a great week and thank you for all your prayers and notes over this last week it is really so nice and comforting to know someone is out there who cares even if we have never met in person.
God Bless.


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  1. Your morning Glory block looks lovely Jennifer, I do understand how you feel about spoiling your little one, when they are sick we feel so helpless, but they just need lots of love and they pull through. Your wee quilts for Scotland look so cute. Keep cool. Cheers Glenda