Wednesday, March 28, 2012

W>I>P> 3.28.2012

Morning everyone!  It is a really pretty morning out here today. I have my windows open for a little while to let in the fresh air. I t will get too hot in a few hours so I will enjoy it while I can so will the cats!!

I have been steady working on cutting material this week.  I decided that I had to cut the rest of the material out for the house a day project so I can just pick  up and work on it when I feel like it.   I should be ashamed of myself as I have only got TWO completed blocks so far and I do mean so far for the year!! I have asked around on my face book page for help from family and friends to get more material scraps I am trying to have every section different material but so far only a few of them have gave me any. I thought it would be nice to have a family and friend memory quilt. I have put the pieces I have cut from their material into envelopes with the persons name on it so when I sew them I will put the initials on that block.

I finished a UFO of a lap quilt and got it back from the quilter the other day.  She did a great job on it. 
I mailed it to the uk to my aunt as she wanted one from me.  I had to roll it and squeesh it into a big bubble envelope. the post office wanted $60. to mail it in their box and $18. to mail it in the envelope.  I told her when she gets it to be careful opening it as there was no extra space in the bag!!

I spent Monday (all day)  working with the new ipods getting them set up and music loaded into them for everyone. That was interesting as no one helped me they just left piles of music beside the computer that they each wanted on the machines!! I think I have them all working now so they are on their own from now on!!

I had to give my little Gizmo a hair cut yesterday well a hair trim. poor thing looks like my hair now squint!!
she wouldn't hold still long enough for me to get her bangs cut straight and the more I tried the worse it got.
I told her better luck next time!! At least she can see  now!!
I am waiting to get my first block done for the mystery bom I have the freezer paper done but I can't get to my material until my son moves car parts around in his room( they are in boxes!!)
Hopefully this sunday I can pick my applique material. and do them next week.
The thread came this week for my crinoline embroidery so I will have to fit that in this week as well I have gotten really far behind on it.
My husband is getting ready to do a 40+ day job at work waiting to see if it will be 10 hour days or more so I will get alot of work done then as I get to keep my table set up all week long he just comes in showers eats and sleeps so it won't be in his way.!! 
He worked on the back yard the other day and came in with my birdfeeder he said he touched the pole and it fell over cement block and all out of the ground. the drought last year now the water this year it didn't stand a chance!! he has to take down my old clothes poles this weekend and put me up a new set the wood rotted at the bottom but it lasted over 18 years so I can't complain!

Well I hope you all have a great week. Loved looking at every ones work

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  1. Interesting pattern on that ufo. I like it. Keep up the good work.