Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Hi everyone,

well this is a better week so far.  My brother will be laid to rest on thursday with military honors.It will be just his kids in attendance as he requested it that way.  Seems strange not talking to him everyday on the phone. But I still talk to him in my mind.  Thank you for all the well wishes.

I have kept busy this week had to have something in my hands to work on!! I finished sewing the feb/march and nearly finished jan mini quilts  well the tops anyhow. I have also got the march block ready for county cottages. I also finished my funky chicken for march.

We had a whole lot of rain this past weekend as you can see our yard went under! luckily it didn't stay long by the next day most was down only a few sections still holding water(.before and during photos)

 I had bought a new chair and ottoman  worked out good now if I can claim it back from the cats I will have it made!!
I'm all ready for Esthers bom tomorrow really looking forward to it. I loved the color on the leaves she posted today! This is a box of hand dyed material my husband bought for me for my early birthday I didn't have material for flowers so I will be able to use some of this!
 My son is going to look at a used car for me on thursday. If it runs good we will share it. So here's hoping. I only need a car a few days a month for what I want to do so he will have it the rest of the time. Hope it works out.!!

well have a great week ladies until next wed.
Happy sewing


  1. My sympathies for your loss. It is always hard to lose a piece of one's heart.

    What a great early birthday present. I just saw Esther's first blocks and your fabrics are going to be perfect for them.
    Happy sewing to you also.

  2. Thoughts with you and your family for your brothers funeral. My father in law died in January and my youngest daughter (age 11) talks to his photo that we have in the kitchen every evening. To me this is her way of coping and it helps her.
    Love your box of fabrics.

  3. So sorry to read about your loss, I am sure you will miss him.
    Love your fabrics what a wonderful gift.