Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Good Morning!  Wednesday got here fast!  I actually got some things done this week. 
I finished my April Funky Chicken block,

Finished  my Country Cottage block for April

Finished Marchs Forget me knot block

Started my April Forget me know Block with a little help from my babies!! Salvador (white ) and Mocha!

I put together the first row of my Raspberry Rabbit quilt and got the April Block all ready to sew.

I also got my April Country Junktion mini quilt ready to sew. This one I had to rip out and re do yesterday ! I got caught up in the tv show and sewed the waves on upside down and I had already sewn the sides on before I realized it!!

I even worked a little on my crinoline embroidery but put it away until later next month as the last two dogs are in the first heat cycle at last and they want to sit on my lap and get babied all the time so I don't want to take any chances.

This last weekend my husband was off work so he worked in the yard getting the grass cut and de buggged!!
He worked a little in the back area clearing some more of the storm damage  then he got stung repeatedly by something and was all welted up around his neck and face.  So he shut it down for the weekend and we lazed around the house watching movies and eating pizza and junk food!! Yes my diet was thrown out the window for this week!! But I will get back to it this week and watch what I do this weekend!!

I even managed a little time in between to finish Kelly Armstrongs new book. I have a few other good books sitting waiting on me to read them I have been trying to take breaks and go outside to my swing and let the dogs run for awhile so I am reading while they are out. But when the neighbours dogs show up we have to go back inside.  I have the dogs and the kitten scheduled to be spayed in June ( cheap month!) so hopefully Daisy won't go back into heat before I get her there!She was in heat Dec 1st so heres hoping.

Well now that I have bored you all I will go and get some washing done and household stuff so I can sit later and hand sew and watch a movie. I have tried to get into a routine so we will see if it works.
Have a great week  ladies.



  1. Lovely projects you're working on! (and love your cats, black & white!)

  2. Goodness you have more on the go then I do.

  3. Wow! You've got a lot done. So many whimsical things. I really like them. It's hard to say what I like best. Rabbits or flowers?

  4. Great Job on everything!!! Heidi