Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Well not too much this week life as they say got in the way of quilting!!

I did manage to get my applique pieces for mug rugs ready for pinning and sewing.

I have all my Forget me not blocks caught up , well the applique prep work anyway!! I am waiting until supper bowl  day to sew them while the game is on!!

Resorted the sitting room/sewing room .

I needed to get my material and wool organized too much all over the house! it made room in the hall closet for storage now so only a bit more to move into the other room.  I still have to finish going through my material drawers and sorting fat quarters onto shelve.

I started a quilt top ufo that I  figured out today had been sitting for at least 5 years!!

  I couldn't find the pattern with directions for it but I found my note showing the block with the sizes on it but no color alotment!! so I  took a chance and started sewing it together !  I have a few rows completed of the blocks  just another 3 rows and they have some green in them I will try to get it done before next week to show you it finished.  I must have made a lap quilt like this before for someone but I can't remember who!!!

I did get the third block of Ranchers Daughter done this is the three I have done so far.

This is my little helper "Princess" she is missing my hand work !! she follows me all over the house where I sit she sits at my feet!  Unfortunately she is not the foot peddle for the sewing machine!! She keeps moving m  peddle over and when I put my foot down to go I get her  instead!!!

It was our 27th Wedding aniversary on the 25th of this month  these are the lovely flower my Hubby brought home to me!  Here is a picture of the green rose he had included with it!!  He also brought home a beautiful card and a steak dinner!!  He did good this year!!

Well I hope you all have a great week.

until next time



  1. congrats on your wedding anniversary, love the flowers. What a lovely "helper".

  2. Nice to get your fabrics sorted. Happy anniversary.

  3. Happy Anniversary. Love your flowers. So thoughtful of your husband. I love your dog. We have two tiny dogs and they also like to help me with my sewing. Sometimes they step on the foot pedal and I get a few extra stitches here and there. XX Kathleen

  4. I hate tidying the sewing room, but love the result! I am about halfway through a major sort out of mine.