Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Morning Everyone! (1.21.13)

Had a busy weekend. Went shopping with Hubby and stocked up a lot of household items.! Paid for  the long shopping hours though pain in leg worse after all the walking and driving in truck!! But at least the cabinets look full.

Got the house mostly cleaned just have to dust and wash kitchen floor.

This week I will be working on ufo's all week long!! I knocked out a few already  this year but boy do I have a lot more to get done.  I have nearly caught up with Esther's forget me not blocks a few more to get prepped then I can get them sewn.

Yesterday I finished the  backs for funky chicken and country cottages and got things ready for a baby quilt that my mother started before Kyle was born ( he will be 21 yrs next month!!)
Today I am going to tackle the Wedding quilt I started for him  from a Bom in 2009  It was the Baltimore Bliss pattern by Sindy Rodenmayer.  It is all hand applique it was fun making it just have to put it all together now.

I have a pile of quilts sitting now to take to the quilters but I have a few more to get done before a trip to see her.!

Wednesday 1.23.13

I forgot to post this the other day so I thought I would just add to it!!

I finished the Wedding quilt  and finished a  yellow lap quilt today. I have another of Esthers blocks prepped and today I am going to sit and prep the last two flowers and  then I can get them sewn over the weekend.!
I also finished a small afghan for Gizmo which she has promptly dragged off and hid in her hiddy hole!! I guess she liked it. I also finished up my country cottage quilt and it is also going to the quilters to have it done right.!!I will just add the photos in a row as there are a few. I hope you all have a great week. I have a few more ufo's to get working on  this next week I am trying for one project a day now as most are smaller ones left.

wedding quilt (baltimore bliss)

yellow lap quilt

backing for yellow quilt

funky chicken lap quilt

gizmo's afgahn

country cottages wall quilt


  1. Love the wedding quilt and the little houses.

  2. That wedding quilt is so very pretty. :) Love the seasonal cottages.

  3. Jennifer -- WOW -- You're really going to town with those UFO's. They are all beautiful but I especially love the wedding quilt! It is stunning.

    Thanks for sharing - it's a good inspiration to tackle some of mine!


  4. Love the wedding quilt, the funky chickens and the houses - wow what fun!