Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last week of February 2013

Two months done already! This year is going fast.  I am badly behind on my sewing this year!!

I have had a lot of heath issues here lately so have not been posting. Feeling some better at the moment so am trying to get caught back up on everything.

Ok I have completed  my tulip block and have nearly finished sewing my bleeding hearts then I have the daisies to embroider  I found a couple of small tears in my material don't know how they got there but had to cover them with a bug!  so I think I might have to go back to my other blocks and add embroidery surprises to some of them so the last few won't look  out of place. I have the material all ready for the next block but still have to work on the latest one.

I decided that I won't be doing any more large size quilts anymore as I can't sit for long periods bending putting pressure on stomach area  so I thought I would try my hand at counted cross stitch.  One of the groups I have joined has a sew along every month and I fell in love with the idea of a picture a month on a single material. basically a calender of pictures.   well I remebered why I didn't stick to it when I was younger!!
I have the two snowmen done now just two more to stitch  then I can go onto the next picture.
They came out really small  I would need to work on bigger sized pictures!
I signed up for bom  from Country Cottage  they have the cutest santa village blocks I really want to make them so I will have to persevere and get used to cross stitch. They also had a set with sheep I couldn't resist.

Nothing like plunging into the deep end !! I figured in the summer months I would be able to sit out on my swing and sew a little every day.

This past week my  friends  came and planted two crype myrtle trees in my garden section for me to enjoy in the coming months I thought they would be little starter trees but they turned out to be nearly 9 ft tall!  I hope they will live I don't know the colors yet they said it would be a surprise ( he lost track of what was what when he dug them all up!!)  They gave a few other friends some as well this year I will take pictures of them when they bloom.  My son is meant to work on my garden for me this next month and get it all ready for me to enjoy this year. We are putting the bbq pitt closer to the area so we can have a family section.As you can see our garden isn't what it used to be. I miss all the flowers and wild life we had but we had to down size when we weren't able to care for it anymore. Hopefully once Kyle finishes fixing it back up it will look a lot better.

I finished my ranchers daughter block for the other week and last week now just this weeks to get done and  I'll be caught back up with this one.

I have wanted to tell you all I have greatly enjoyed your blogs the last few months. When I needed a pick me up  I would come back and go through them again and again I always found something new each time!!
Blessing on you all.


Ok here is an update!  I caught up all the ranchers daughters blocks

and I finished the Bleeding Hearts and have the next ones pinned and ready to go!


  1. Beautiful, love your fabric choices!

  2. It so much fun to see all the applique blocks. How did you make the lady bugs. Love the Bleeding Hearts. Sorry to hear about your health issues - hope you are better soon.

  3. Your appliqué blocks of Esther's look wonderful Jennifer and you are been so so productive this week, I have just been the opposite, hopeful I will get my quilting mojo back soon. Take care Cheers Glenda Australia.

  4. So pretty. :) I'm sorry you've been going through health problems that limit what you can do. That's no fun. It's so nice, though to see you redirecting your energies instead of giving in. Power to the woman! ;D