Wednesday, February 29, 2012

wip 2/29/12

Hi everyone!

Yeah new Bom posted!! I have been in all my stash to re pick material. I was about 4" short on my other materials so decided to try again . I have decided on these but wasn't sure on the white on white background what do you think?

My husband has treated me to some hand dye fabrics for the flowers and stems ect I don't have much stash here anymore so I get to buy new for this project (well for the flowers!!)  the border will pick up about any flower color  I hope. 
I have been working like crazy this week to catch up my other boms so I will be ready to go again tomorrow!
I completed two of the Raspberry rabbits and nearly finished two cozy cottages

I just have a little sewing left for the feb one and the buttons to put on shouldn't take me long today to do it. 
Some of my fabric arrived for the Dear Jane quilt so I need to re sort my boxes and drawer and make sure I don't use material for another bom   by accident!  I think now that I have the forget me nots  getting ready that should be all the quilting this year.  I have 4 boms started (this years) and three scrap quilts to hand sew and cut in between then all the projects that need finishing from the other year to be done in between this years ones. I figure if I do one a month I should get them done before x-mas  mind you I haven't committed to which year !!
well I need to get going now kyle has gone to work now so I need to get material ironed and cut ready to go.
hope you all have a great time.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hi everyone!
Well I'm better now. still have a sore knee section but feels a lot better than it did.

I;m back to sewing now. Hubby is working late all week and I will have the house to my self until late at night
so my son set up my table again for me and helped drag out all my boxes and drawers.

Yesterday I sat and put material with new boms  and cut background fabric for them I wanted to make sure I had enough material for what I needed.  Then I got the applique for the blocks ironed on and started cutting just need to starch and turn today on some of them. 

I decided to try my hand at a Dear Jane Quilt although I think I might be crazy! but I decided to make it for my son. I joined a DJ list and they were very helpful about the material I would need so I went back to ebay and ordered enough material for the background and boarders that way I don't run out later.
I sat at my table last night and really looked at the boxes and things sitting around and realized I DID IT AGAIN!  TOO MANY BOMS AT ONE TIME!  I promised myself that I would finish the other years projects first but as you ladies know it is so tempting!!
I finally had to be ruthless and put a few of my want to do projects back again until later in the year so I can finish my started ones and keep up with this years !
I picked out my fabric for Esthers BOM I will purchase it when I get first bom supply list.  I am really looking forward to it but am glad it is a little late starting as I wasn't ready yet!!

Well I had better get going need another cup of tea then I want to watch a movie marathan today while I work think I will cut out the borders for my sons wedding quilt good thing he isn't engaged yet!! I thought I better give myself plenty of time to get one made and store it for when it does happen just in case I can't hand sew anymore by then!! Hope you all have a great week!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

wip 2.15.2012

Hi everyone.
I hope you all had a great Valentines Day. My hubby gave me the dvd of twilight part 4 and chinese takeout. then he purchased me some material to work on my boms this year.  I am feeling alot better now my leg is still sore but I can walk and sew again for short times. Dr says it was a small fracture on knee cap so will just take time to heal.   I sat and worked on my boms mostly appliques this year and got material cut and freezer paper ironed on . worked on my houses some more and sewed all the roofs  and sewed some of the chimney and sky pieces getting ready to hand sew them together a little at a time.  still have the walls and stuff to do but will do them each month a little at a time at least now I can pick them up and take with me where ever I go.   I ordered material to make a few quilts this year ones I have been putting off and have dug out my ufo box and tried to start on them, notice I say tried!! I got side lined again with this years boms! later this month I will get my table set back up and start cutting borders for the two quilts waiting to e finished off too much rain right now and dogs will get into it all so have to hold off. 
I will be glad when they get out of the eat everything mode.  I finally broke down and bought myself a new cell phone I didn't want to re do my contract so just bought a phone. It was real nice while I had it (all of a week!)  my sons bassette hound stole it off my desk out of its material case  and ate it
1 yup its  dead and gone my niece called on the phone while I was in the other room and the dog didnt like the ring tone I guess!  so I'm back to my old faithful flip top one at least I saved the sims card and new battery!!  thank god I didnt buy the i phone like I wanted!!

Well I will go for now waiting for my sons girlfriend to let me know when her flowers get re delivered.

 He ordered her a lovely  one like this (paid a fortune for it)

and they sent this instead

big difference  and a box of chocolates (he paid $10.) they had FIVE in the box!
needless to say he complianed  so they are meant to re deliver the right ones today. so we will see

well have a great week everyone and have fun sewing!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Morning ladies!
Another week already.  This week has flown past in a blur.I haven't gotten as much done as I would have liked as I can not use the sewing machine for awhile. I had an accident on monday morning. I fell on the brick path in our garden  while trying to get one of the little dogs to come inside.  (5am in the dark!) stupid I know but I'm always scarred the big owls or hawks will take her away If she gets left out in the dark.I hit my head, hurt my left elbow and damaged my right knee cap and leg. It is still swollen and hard to walk on but it is getting better. Luckily my husband hadn't left out the gate yet for work and he was able to get me up and into the house and cleaned all the cuts up.  My son took my sewing table and machine away so I wouldn't get tempted to use it while he was at work so I have been cutting templetes and ironing on applique off and on then hand sewing my houses.  I must say I was bad as well I got on the ebay site and bought more fq's for different boms I will just have to buy for  esthers when it starts!  I'm at my yearly limit now but I have justified a little extra as some of the things I am making this year will be gifts when done! 

I did get my second funky chicken bom block done.

 In between all of the hassel  with my leg my brother has been in and out of hospital. We are waiting to see if he goes home with hospice this week  He has cyerosous of the liver and enphazime (not spelled correctly)
so his systems are all shutting down now they have said they can't do more for him now except make comfortable so we will see  in a day or so what happens. This year will be a rough one My grandmother (95yrs old) is still in hospital in Scotland with a broken hip it is hard not being where you can get to them. We all talk once a day on the phone and haven't been able to talk now for nearly 2 months.
I have found haveing all of you out there to write to and read with has kept me sane quilting has kept my hands occupied and my mind calm.