Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hi everyone!
Well I'm better now. still have a sore knee section but feels a lot better than it did.

I;m back to sewing now. Hubby is working late all week and I will have the house to my self until late at night
so my son set up my table again for me and helped drag out all my boxes and drawers.

Yesterday I sat and put material with new boms  and cut background fabric for them I wanted to make sure I had enough material for what I needed.  Then I got the applique for the blocks ironed on and started cutting just need to starch and turn today on some of them. 

I decided to try my hand at a Dear Jane Quilt although I think I might be crazy! but I decided to make it for my son. I joined a DJ list and they were very helpful about the material I would need so I went back to ebay and ordered enough material for the background and boarders that way I don't run out later.
I sat at my table last night and really looked at the boxes and things sitting around and realized I DID IT AGAIN!  TOO MANY BOMS AT ONE TIME!  I promised myself that I would finish the other years projects first but as you ladies know it is so tempting!!
I finally had to be ruthless and put a few of my want to do projects back again until later in the year so I can finish my started ones and keep up with this years !
I picked out my fabric for Esthers BOM I will purchase it when I get first bom supply list.  I am really looking forward to it but am glad it is a little late starting as I wasn't ready yet!!

Well I had better get going need another cup of tea then I want to watch a movie marathan today while I work think I will cut out the borders for my sons wedding quilt good thing he isn't engaged yet!! I thought I better give myself plenty of time to get one made and store it for when it does happen just in case I can't hand sew anymore by then!! Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. I also have decide to make a baby Dear Jane?????????? Yes some would call me crazy with all I have on the go too. But there have been two quilts I wanted to make since I fist was bitten by the quilting bug in the 1990's First was Calico Garden which I have made but again it is my version; now it is a Dear Jane but I want to try sticking with the taupe colours that Jane used. I also am now thinking about finishing off UFO hand sewing encase I can not do it in the future?????? Cheers Glenda