Wednesday, February 29, 2012

wip 2/29/12

Hi everyone!

Yeah new Bom posted!! I have been in all my stash to re pick material. I was about 4" short on my other materials so decided to try again . I have decided on these but wasn't sure on the white on white background what do you think?

My husband has treated me to some hand dye fabrics for the flowers and stems ect I don't have much stash here anymore so I get to buy new for this project (well for the flowers!!)  the border will pick up about any flower color  I hope. 
I have been working like crazy this week to catch up my other boms so I will be ready to go again tomorrow!
I completed two of the Raspberry rabbits and nearly finished two cozy cottages

I just have a little sewing left for the feb one and the buttons to put on shouldn't take me long today to do it. 
Some of my fabric arrived for the Dear Jane quilt so I need to re sort my boxes and drawer and make sure I don't use material for another bom   by accident!  I think now that I have the forget me nots  getting ready that should be all the quilting this year.  I have 4 boms started (this years) and three scrap quilts to hand sew and cut in between then all the projects that need finishing from the other year to be done in between this years ones. I figure if I do one a month I should get them done before x-mas  mind you I haven't committed to which year !!
well I need to get going now kyle has gone to work now so I need to get material ironed and cut ready to go.
hope you all have a great time.

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