Wednesday, February 15, 2012

wip 2.15.2012

Hi everyone.
I hope you all had a great Valentines Day. My hubby gave me the dvd of twilight part 4 and chinese takeout. then he purchased me some material to work on my boms this year.  I am feeling alot better now my leg is still sore but I can walk and sew again for short times. Dr says it was a small fracture on knee cap so will just take time to heal.   I sat and worked on my boms mostly appliques this year and got material cut and freezer paper ironed on . worked on my houses some more and sewed all the roofs  and sewed some of the chimney and sky pieces getting ready to hand sew them together a little at a time.  still have the walls and stuff to do but will do them each month a little at a time at least now I can pick them up and take with me where ever I go.   I ordered material to make a few quilts this year ones I have been putting off and have dug out my ufo box and tried to start on them, notice I say tried!! I got side lined again with this years boms! later this month I will get my table set back up and start cutting borders for the two quilts waiting to e finished off too much rain right now and dogs will get into it all so have to hold off. 
I will be glad when they get out of the eat everything mode.  I finally broke down and bought myself a new cell phone I didn't want to re do my contract so just bought a phone. It was real nice while I had it (all of a week!)  my sons bassette hound stole it off my desk out of its material case  and ate it
1 yup its  dead and gone my niece called on the phone while I was in the other room and the dog didnt like the ring tone I guess!  so I'm back to my old faithful flip top one at least I saved the sims card and new battery!!  thank god I didnt buy the i phone like I wanted!!

Well I will go for now waiting for my sons girlfriend to let me know when her flowers get re delivered.

 He ordered her a lovely  one like this (paid a fortune for it)

and they sent this instead

big difference  and a box of chocolates (he paid $10.) they had FIVE in the box!
needless to say he complianed  so they are meant to re deliver the right ones today. so we will see

well have a great week everyone and have fun sewing!

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