Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP 5.2.12

How can it be May already!! I'm not ready for it!!

I am still working on Esther's forget me knots from April. I have it all ready to sew but I haven't had the peace to get to it or much else this week!!

My husband was home at the weekend and we didn't get much done. we tried but no luck he was on a jump from one project to the next and nothing completed day!!  He did finally get our garden pond cleaned and re filled with the fountain finally put back on. unfortunately the fish all died of shock!! WE will have to get some more from the bait shop and re fill pond!

I have my funky chicken block printed out  and the mini quilt for may all ready to get sewn just have to machine sew the background and it will be ready to go.
I sat and realized today after looking at everyone Else's projects that I will have more UFOs this year if I'm not careful!!  I have found that the house a day and my embroidery are getting left to the roadside lately so I have decided that I will get blocks ready to sew and put in baggies but work only on the embroidery until it is finished then I will take a few days (or weeks at this rate!) and sew only on the house a day quilt to get caught up then I will go back to work on the other blocks.  I have my swing set up outside now and can sit out in the summer for a while everyday and work on the blocks if I have them ready to go they will be easy to grab and work on. Next year I will really have to be more careful what I pick to work on at a time but they all looked so fun to do this year!!  I still have my UFO pile to work on later as well I might manage to get some of it done after I get the rest caught up.

We lost another chicken the other day to old age. we are finally down to 6 in the front pen and 8 in the back and 4 geese  when the rooster  and duck die in the back pen we will combine the rest together in the front for easier care.  I didn't know chickens lived so long! my son raised them while he was in school for (home school)
animal husbandry and that's been about 10-11 yrs now he made good money on his eggs but now they are just pets. they earned it!!

Well I need to get a move on today so have a great week everyone!

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  1. Your square looks beautiful. Maybe the peace will come soon.