Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WIP 5.16.12

Another week! I haven't got much done this time.  I have been working on Esthers forget me knot for April. I have nearly finished sewing it and have the pattern picked and on freezer paper for Mays block.  Slow going right now!!(Lazy would be the proper word!!) 

I had a lovely Mothers day weekend it was also my birthday so I had a double whammy!! My son and his girlfriend gave me a lovely White John F Kennedy Rose bush for the garden. I used to have a yellow rose bush that my mother had given me but it died suddenly this year , One day it had lovely blumes  and the next week it was a stick figure dead dead dead! I have the new rose bush planted where I can see it from my window everyday. I want to get some more rose bushes to plant where the small pond was but maybe later in the month I will get the dirt and mulch to get the garden worked on.

I have gotten my May blocks all ready to sew I will be able to just sit in the eveninng and get them done a little at a time.  I have been working on m y crinoline lady picture this past week it is slow going. I ran out of pills for my hands and the dr won't refill until I go see him so will have to go this friday with hubby and get all my blood work done and get my refills done.  He won't be happy when he sees me this time as my body really looks swollen now He will probably put me back on all the different pills again. I will be like a baby rattle again!! shake me and I'll jingle!!!

I did get some new photos taken this weekend as well I'll put them on here but please excuse the weight I look terrible in these but they are better than the last ones taken!! at least you can see some of the lovely blumes in the garden this year.

well I will go now and get some more work done,. Have a great and happy sewing week!!
ps new picture of my Gizmo!


  1. Love your cosmos block and I like your garden also.

  2. Lovely Cosmos Block and what a sweet sweet wee dog. Cheers Glenda