Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2nd 2014

Hi everyone,

It's a new year!! I hope everyone has a great coming year with plenty of good health and  happiness.

I have been taking things slow the last few months. Did a bunch of down sizing and sorting at the house still have a lot to go through but am determined that 2014 I will have my house in order with repairs and room made.

Hubby made me a beautiful chest of drawers for my  hand stitching  then he was on a roll and decided to keep going over the holidays !! He made his bedside table then a set of new shelves for the kitchen.  He bought the wood to re make shelves in the other section of the kitchen for more storage  and for the hall bathroom shelve unit.  that will just leave our bathroom to get one done. we are building upwards now as I can't get down easy to reach storage at ground level!!!

Well craft wise I have been back to hand work now I don't plan on many big projects this year on the sewing machine.  I have started on Love entwined and that is one of the main goals this year.  I have also been working on Red Brolly "Wishes"  I have the pattern all saved and am finally getting to it.
Winter in Blog land is another one I have started  this year I though I would work on things that I have saved to do that I really really want to do for myself.!!

I did make a start on my mega purchase of cross stitch kits!!LOL  Note to self  don't buy any more for a few years!!!!!   a computer can be such a great tool if used correctly but  for craftaholics   not so good!! too easy to access shops with out  the bother of dressing and leaving house in the cold!!! And hey you can even shop on your own time schedule!!LOL   Computers should come with a warning for crafters  " Danger to bank account use with caution!"

I finished Batley  Bat by amy bruecken designs

and  "Sitting Pretty" by Mosey N' Me

I will pick another one out of the drawers today to have  started with my other projects  it's nice to change up through out the day.  well I hope you all have a great week !!  Speak to you again later!!

\\PS  I nearly forgot  Here are the pictures of the two X-mas stocking swaps I did I made these  items for the stockings through out 2013 but couldn't post them until now!! 


  1. G'day Jennifer and New Year Greetings to you and your family.
    Goodness! what a lot of lovely swap loot your partners have received. (I did a 6 month Christmas Swap this year and it was much more manageable but I was still late!)
    Still it was so much fun unwrapping all those extra pressies on Christmas Morning.

  2. My goodness Jennifer you have been busy making and I love your new draws what a wonderful Xmas gift you are very very lucky. All the very best for 2014. Cheers Glenda