Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Morning everyone!

Well have been busy this week getting projects ready to work on.  I promised myself not to start new ones until I finished old ones but we all know how that goes!!

I cut my fabric for        She has step 6.2 posted now so I can sew it when I get time (I saved the pattern so I can get to it later)

I have all the Snowbound by Bunny Hill ready for applique  and they were nice enough to send me the info on the filler block so I could get this one done!!  I even found the bag of buttons for it that I bought years ago!!

I have been working on my stocking swap gifts I have most of them done now only a few more to go I need to sort through them again and make sure I have everything for them.

We have had really really hot weather here I had my son take a picture of my pretty Lilly that bloomed this past week  I am so glad it came back. Hubby moved it last year  and it actually survived the dogs!!!  I love the shade of pink.

Well not much else I can show you here most of my work is secret santa stuff  and my partner  might be reading my blog!!

Hope you all have a great week.



  1. beautiful lily, I am still waiting for all mine to flower :)

  2. Pretty flowers, have fun with your snowmen.

  3. Your lily is beautiful! Mine is still in bud, and it is cold here (again!)