Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Hi there,

Well I finished the  forget me knot top!!  I took a picture with the cell phone as my camera is out of battery and card is missing.  My son "borrowed" it.  not too good of a picture but I will post a better one when I get it back from finishers!!.

I also got the next step done on the POF mystery.

I have been  working on some x-mas gifts for a  stocking swap I can't show the pictures of that until after x-mas as well!!  

Today I am starting work on my house a day quilt. I pulled it from my ufo  pile and have it sitting by the machine for spare moment sewing!!  I also have been  getting a embroidery picture started for a friend's x-mas gift  I got as far as  putting the picture on it  now to choose the threads and put them aside in a box.

the other day I was sitting at my  sliding glass doors in the kitchen and saw this wonderful bird at the feeder. there was just one of them  and I managed to catch a picture of it.  I had never seen one like it here before. I found out it is called a Baltimore Orieole   I need to put more humingbird feed out today as well before the rain gets here. I ran out of bird feed this week as well we had so many birds eating this week. Will have to get an extra big bag this week when we do our shopping!!

I got my next cross stitch package in the other day I hope to get some of these started soon but I don't want to start more until I get some of the ufo's finished first!!
Well I need to go and  get some cleaning done  then I can get on with my sewing day.  Hope you all have a great Mothers Day this Sunday when it gets here.


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  1. Beautiful quilt!
    The Baltimore Orioles are more common around here (Northern Virginia). Pretty bird! Have fun with your Cross Stitch.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too! You are a no-reply blogger so I couldn't respond via email to you.
    Have a great Mother's Day.
    Sylvia's Stitches