Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Another week and nearly another month!! This year is going way too fast.

I had a really nice weekend we celebrated my Birthday and Mothers Day  late but it was worth it!! 
Saturday Allen did the yard work and tidied up around the yard. Sunday he went and bought 20lbs shrimp and 40 lbs crawfish   this is my birthday meal!!   He then went and got parts to fix the a/c unit outside. a friend had brand new parts he didn't need and he gave them to us so now I have my cold cold air back!!
On Monday he fixed the a/c and helped kyle to fix his car. he ran over a deer on the way home from work the other night and tore up the under neath of car.  Luckily he wasn't hurt.   Then after he finished all that he BBQ ribs chicken and  sausage!!   At night we had ice cold watermelon as well  now I won't need to eat for a week!!!  Really need to go on a diet again and try to exercise more. 
Love being out here but wish it was the beach!

I tried to get a picture of our tree outside to show you the blooms on it does anyone know what kind of tree this is? I would love to get another but kyle can't remember what it was.

The dogs all had a great weekend they loved being outside with us and running free  today they have slept most of the day!!  

On Saturday morning Hubby took Princess and Daisy to get vacinations and have a bring home chip inserted  now to work  on getting the rest of them taken care of!!  
Mommy I don't feel good don't make me go back!!

This morning I have been cleaning the house really really good so I can sew to my hearts content the next few days!!  I have nearly finished my June cross stitch  and I have caught up all the Ranchers daughters blocks again!   I hope to work on the June block  later today but we will see.  I have been doing alot of the gifts for the  stocking exchange I will have to remember to take pictures of them all to show later. 
ranchers daughter
June cross stitch

My Forget Me knot quilt is finished at the finishers just have to get it picked up can't wait to see how it turned out!

well hope you all have a great week.!!


  1. Beautiful block JJ... And the shrub looks like a Rose not Sharon. Very pretty...

  2. Love your rancher's daughter block, the tree looks like a hibiscus to me as well.

  3. Your block is so pretty...your tree is a Rose of Sharon and they come in several different colors...pink, purple, white and a soft yellow...my mom has several of these in the purple, pinks and whites...hers are not blooming yet as we had such a late spring here...yours is just beautiful with all its blooms.